What to give a son that doesn’t play with toys?

In panic, I realized two days ago, that “Boo’s” Birthday is coming up sooner than I expected. Where has July disappeared to? What does one give a boy that never plays with toys? About a month ago, I let “Sparky” see bluemountainmysterythis film. The next day “Boo” and “Kitty” saw the film and fell in love with it, just like their brother. “Sparky” has declared that he wants the little train “Luke” (see right corner) that hides in the mountain, because he has been ashamed for years. When he arrived to the island, he was so excited that he made a fellow passenger on the ship, fall in to the water. Well, that is what he thinks. That he caused the yellow train, to fall in to the harbour. The truth is that “Victor”, that works in the train repair shop, is the yellow train painted red! “Boo” stated that he wants the yellow “Victor” for their railway. BUT the yellow Victor is rare on eBay and comes at a great price. So I put the few I could find, in the watch list and forgot about it. Now, in panic, I looked again and T. just said “No way!”. They now cost 23-30 pounds! For one little wood train! (26-34 Euro/35-46 Dollars)

Of course I agree with him. Terrible price, considering that one can get the red Victor for much, much less. After all, when he is taken out of the water, he asks to be painted red so… But “Boo” liked the yellow Victor. I started to look for the Lego Monster trucks that crashes in to each other, and the driver flying out. (The ones that “Kitty” got last year.)  I know, morbid! But the toy shops in  Sweden do not register them as existing anymore, and I am fed up overpaying on eBay, for retired things.

Then a thought popped in to my mind. He has finally learned how to bicycle without help wheels. But the bicycle is rather small for him. So I looked for a bicycle! The toy shops had Spiderman ones for 80 pounds/92 Euros/122 Dollars, but if he leaves the bike by the playground or on the bicycle route, like he has done with his current rusty one, the new immigrant neighbours will for sure steal it, like they tried with the rusty old one that has been used by ALL our children so far. It was only thanks to “Cookie”, that they didn’t manage to get it in to their own garden. According to Swedish law, you are not allowed to retrieve something that has been stolen from you! Then you are counted as the thief. The Spiderman bicycle was way too cool, and our new neighbours way too dishonest to let it be. (One Sunday we had three police cars at the back of our house, monitoring the neighbours! Talk about creepy! T. thinks it had to do with drugs, that they would not go all out like that otherwise. If that is the case, I am greatly disappointed. This used to be a calm, silent, honest little village!)

Next I checked shops I know have bicycles for less, like a car accessory place. But the cheapest bicycles were 200 pounds/230 Euros/ 305 Dollars. Sorry “Boo” but I can’t afford that. Especially not when you are so sloppy with your belongings. Whatever you are getting, “Sparky” has to inherit. Finally I came up with the idea of the classified ads on the internet called “Blocket”. We started contacting sellers of used bikes around here. But as soon as they are posted, they get sold. Yesterday, T. SMS:ed me and told me he had seen a light blue one for 20 Pounds/23 Euros/30 Dollars but I could not see it on my mobile. He had to show me when he got home. He had contacted the seller that said lots of people were calling on it. If we could come in the evening, he could hold it for us. So off we went at 18:00. 18:15 we arrived home with a baby blue and black bicycle, now securely locked up in the storage room, till the big day. The father selling the bicycle was the worse arrogant snob, living in the fancy part of our village, and his son had just received a new bicycle. The son did not want to sell his old, too small one, but the dad had promised him the money. The son was sneaking around behind their car the entire time and when I wheeled the bicycle out to our car, he started crying and the dad tried to show him the money. I must say I felt like a right heel! But his dad did not want the bike around anymore. So, if I did not buy it, someone else would have. It had a tiny bit of rust on it here and there, but it was nice anyway. Had cost 250 Pounds/287 Euros/381 Dollars, 2 years ago, and the dad showed me the receipt so that I knew it was not a stolen bicycle! May “Boo” now keep a close eye on it! And not leave it laying about. I was very pleased with my purchase and it means that I can get him something else as well. Perhaps some Lego after all. Even if he doesn’t play with it, he will love opening it, and “Sparky” will play with it, if “Kitty” doesn’t. T. suggested a new bicycle helmet instead? Perhaps. He is rather hopeless with that as well. I tell him that Swedish law forbids children to bicycle without a helmet. He goes out with it on his head and then when I see him on the bicycle route, the helmet is hanging on the handle bars! I have bawled him out over it so many times and still he does what he wants to do. He drives me insane!


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