“Oh it takes a woman, a dainty woman…”

13 June 2013

It could have been worse! He could have started at 5:50, but today all the children lay in bed and were quiet, till 7:50, when “Sparky” turned to me and said “where’s daddy?”. -At work! “At work!”. Silence. Then “oh it takes a woman, a dainty woman, a sweetheart, a mistress, a wife, a dainty woman, a grblmn woman, a sweetheart, a mistress, a wife…”.  He sang it over and over again like he does every morning now. 15-20 times. The same lines. I realized that this was it. No more sleep. No more rest. Get out of bed and make him porridge, if I did not want to hear his well pronounced “sweetheart” and “mistress” again.

There has been a long silence from me, I know. I will try to catch up in installments, and this is my first one. On the 21st May, T. celebrated his Birthday and we chose to watch “Hugo” with the family. Bad choice! hugo“Sparky” got petrified of the steel robot that doesn’t do ANYTHING except draw a picture! It just sits there. Alright, it looks a little bit creepy, but it wasn’t dangerous. But he ran out in the hallway and there he stood throughout the film. Not the nice family evening that we had planned! He would not stop talking about it the entire day afterwards, the mean “doll” as he called it. So on my Birthday the 22nd, I felt that it was of dire importance, that we watched something that was not the least bit scary! T. wanted us to watch this Disney film about owls and sure, it looked nice on the front but Imdb said that it could have scary scenes or something like it.

Years ago, when I bought “Wall-E” for the children, I tried to explain why “Wall-E” loves the film “Hello Dolly” so much. They could not understand the charm of  a film they have never seen. Even though I sang the song I knew by heart, “Hello Dolly”, and told them that Gene Kelly did the choreography to all the fantastic numbers. So for years, I have contemplated getting the film. I found it finally about 6 months ago, but kept it in my closet. NOW I took it out and demanded we watch this innocent film without scary scenes. NOW the children were going to know why “Wall-E” wanted “Eva” to watch it, and why he loved it so. NOW they were going to see Louis Armstrong, Barbara Streisand’s magnificent gold dress, you name it. T. pouted and wanted to see owls. Johannes probably thought I had gone mad and sat and yawned. Daniel sat in shock. But we watched it. Very soon they get to this song: (couldn’t find the original from film) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diqxijhJOMI

When they started singing it, I was sure Johannes would say that he needed to go home, that “Sparky” would leave the room out of boredom etc. I never noticed the song before, BUT THEY DID. While I sat and thought, “sure, a dainty woman would clean the pipes! Right! What he wants is a slave!!!”, they loved the song.  Since that day, we have watched the film EVERY day. All my three youngest sons, walk about singing THAT song, not “Hello Dolly” or one of the sweet songs, but the male chauvinist pig song, and I laugh as much every time! When my four-year-old son who has delayed speech, sing perfectly clear “A Husky woman, a sweetheart, a mistress, a wife…” how can one not laugh to tears??? He doesn’t even know what he is singing, but it is hilarious.

Not that hilarious at 5:50 in the morning, BUT today it didn’t start until 7:50 so I was alright with it. School finished for the year yesterday, so we all went to bed too late last night. And woke later. I conscripted “Kitty” and “Cookie” in to helping me sort three weeks worth of laundry, which was no fun at all, but finally it’s done. Noone has volunteered their help and the piles have had me so mad, but now they are gone. Now when it is time to create a new one! Apart from this, I have only finished a book called “Die Frauen der Nazis” in German. A book purchase I made last Saturday when I got fed up with all clothes fitting my ugly body, very poorly! We walked by a second-hand book shop and there they were, three books called the Nazi Women I, II, and III.  I don’t know why I had to have those books? And why I started the first one now. But I did. Maybe because they are showing a German TV-series on TV right now, called “Our mothers, Our fathers” and it’s all about 1941-… The German view of the war. I guess it has made people in Germany upset since they don’t want to deal with this, or rather, the present generation was clueless and now suddenly their grandparents and parents are talking! And what they hear come as  a shock?

Yesterday, we were all at the Catholic Church for the school’s year ending ceremony. “Dollie” is now finished with obligatory school. She graduated and received her final marks. We stayed to see her get them and listening to her teachers’ speeches. Not many parents did. Her history and Swedish teacher was so sweet. She had bought a book for every graduating student, to fit their tastes. One boy that doesn’t read at all, received a skinny thing, another girl that doesn’t like to read, received a word book. The thickest and biggest book went to … “Dollie”. Her teacher feels that she ought to stop re-reading “the Hunger Games” and broaden her horizons. So “Dollie” received “Gone with the Wind”. I want to get hold of a copy now and co-read with her. I did that with Johannes, when he read “Bilbo” and it was fun. Someone to discuss the story with. I’ve never wanted to read “Gone with the Wind” really. Don’t know why? Perhaps because I have seen the film too many times? Or perhaps because I never liked Vivien Leigh and now her face is always the face one will put on “Scarlett O’Hara”.

“Dollie” stayed in town with her class. They saved up so much for a school trip, and had money leftover, so they were all going to go to a pizzeria and have a final meal together. The rest of our family, headed off to this chocolaterie that serves wonderful soft ice-cream dipped in toppings. Since they are a chocolaterie, I always have mine dipped in their home-made dark chocolate!!! Daniel doesn’t end until Friday, but he came after school to join us, having finished early, so he could get his ice-cream as well. So there we sat all in a row outside the shop, on the pillows provided, feasting. Although, “Sparky” was at pre-school of course, since he will never sit still in a church, “Dollie” was having pizza and Johannes was at work, so we did feel sad that parts of our family was missing.



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