Stopped by police AGAIN!!!!

polispolis2Alright! If I was paranoid, I would start thinking that the police is after me in some way! That driving a Toyota Hiace naturally means that you are supposed to be a person driving under the influence! Because every time, and I mean every time they stand out on the road to do random intoxication testing, THEY STOP ME! I don’t know how many times in the past months that I have been stopped. They stand in the small villages, on the small roads and why? To get a suntan or what? Or be an absolute nuisance? Today it’s a very hot day. Our winter has suddenly turned in to summer. 25 degrees Celsius. Dressed in black trousers, linen blouse and no air-conditioning, I thought I was going to float away in a tide of perspiration. I fetched the boys, and they fought as usual all the way to the village. And me sitting screaming that if they do not stop it, I will halt the car and they can get out and walk home. Stupidly, I stopped at the village library to hear if my ordered book, that was supposed to have come in Friday, had arrived. It had not! “New Contacts” by Sophie Kinsella turns out to be the most difficult book to get in to the library. It had been sent to the wrong library! So, I come in to the village, on a road I don’t usually take unless I’ve been to the library. Right opposite the church, behind a red house, I see a dreaded yellow dressed police man. I was driving the speed limit but saw no camera. Then he steps out in the road, when he sees me. He didn’t when he saw the tiny car in front of me! And he waves me in to the tiny road beside the red house. There is his colleague. I draw a long sigh.

He wants to see my driver’s license. I get it out and while I do this:

P: Good of you boys to sit fasten in!Kitty: Why? P: Because if you crash, then you would get terribly hurt! (The boys listening to him very intently.) Me: You can tell them to stop fighting in the back as well!!! P: Oh, just have them get out of the car and walk home instead. That will calm them down. (He takes my driver’s license:) P: Look just like the license! (Thanks! I look horribly ugly on that photo, like an escaped convict, a sicko! I should have said “just as ugly you mean?”.) Then he gives me the alco-meter. I blow in it as hard as I can and for once it worked. I guess I am finally getting the hang of it. I am so sweaty, it is so hot in the car. Then he asks me “Is this your car?”. Me: Well, it’s in my husband’s name. P: He has to have the muffler fixed. Me: Toyota refuses to fix it. They want 50 000 Kronor (see previous blogs) to fix it and they say at the same time, that they will not do it. They want us to buy a new car and drive this one till it falls to pieces! P: You have to have it fixed. It leaks in fumes in to the cabin making you drowsy and the children (Haven’t noticed anyone being drowsy. They are in top form for fighting!) and it can effect others around you. Beside the noise level is above the allowed. I will fine you the next time I catch you on the road and this isn’t fixed! Today I will be nice! Me: But Toyota refuses to fix it! The car came back from them sounding like this! P: Go to a small garage! They can weld a small piece of metal on top of the whole.

I finally get to drive off and I phone T. as soon as I come to our parking lot and tell him what has just happened. He says he is not sending money down the drain. Toyota says that problem cost 20 000 kronor. A small metal piece welded on to the pipe/muffler can not cost 20 000. This is just insane. I hung up on him in anger and then sent an SMS and told him to phone the police and ask them how much the fine is. Is that not sending money down the drain if anything???? Question now is, how can I avoid the police? I can’t make a quick getaway with a big bus? I can’t even make a U-turn!!! It’s on days like this, that I feel terribly upset about T.’s deceased mother, who among other things, gave away her 2 million dollar house, to her stockbroker and his wife. They took everything! We did not even inherit the family photos! Had we inherited ANYTHING, we could have bought a new used car! Now we are as financially strapped as one can be, while her stockbrokers sit happily divorced, and re-married in two houses. How can one not feel bitterness? I do not want to think Christian thoughts today, after the police encounter. Those two people had plenty of money before, but were greedy, and saw a chance of taking all her money since we could not afford a lawyer and don’t live in the US. Why are evil people allowed to have it all, and people that are just trying to survive, are getting kicked down over and over again? And they had the gall to pretend to be Christian! Where in the Bible does it approve of theft? And coveting of other people’s money? And adultery? Mrs. Hobgood filed for divorce before T,’s mother was even buried and got married soon thereafter to what I assume was a man already in the picture. She and Shelagh’s stockbroker, pretended to be happily married to get all that money and the house! Very honest indeed, very Christian. I call that HYPOCRACY! Thanks to them, we are always financially strapped and have nothing for emergencies.


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