Walpurgis continued…

According to the news, 27 000 people gathered in the park of Lund. T. drove in to fetch “the Diva” around 16:30, after she was out of school. She was waiting at the bus stop with 20 others, or more. Pretty far away from the park and all the drunkards. Four police cars were parked on the street. And yet, my tall, loud mouthed, tough daughter, that bites my head off every day and everyone else that she doesn’t like, phoned her dad and said “I am tiny and scared! I will get raped soon!”. Right! At a bus stop, in broad daylight, with 20 commuters around her, four police cars, a mouth that spits out tons of venom… If anyone had approached this tall, big girl, she would easily have punched them out. But suddenly she wasn’t so grown up after all. She who gave me the silent treatment for a week because I would not let her take the train by herself up to Stockholm and go to an unchaperoned writing course, where there would be LOTS of drinking! Right! She screamed at me that she is an ADULT!

Daniel thought she was ridiculous when they got to her. They parked across the street but she would not walk to the car. T. had to go and walk her over! She said lots of girls had been raped. Strange because the police say that there were only drunk brawls and they had filled their cells with people that needed to sober up. No rapes! Is she the drama queen or what!? Watch out Oscars, here is a future winner of the award.


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