Today has been declared State of Emergency, in Lund. The drinking is out of control each Walpurgis, and this year it is expected to be worse than ever, since Malmö canceled theirs, so everyone is traveling to Lund from there, to get themselves drunk beyond reason. It’s all disgusting. Daniel came home and said that most students played truant, already sitting drinking in the town park, during the day. Some came back to school, only to use the lavatories and to be sick! Students from other schools came and ripped down pictures from the walls. Insane. I heard on the radio, going to Lund, that they had lowered speed limit all over town, since people stand in the streets drunk or just step in to them. One person was killed by a bus last year. The stately liquor vendor shops were all closed, not to encourage the drinking, but people must have got what they wanted yesterday instead! Police from the entire province have been re-located to Lund today, so the radio speakers told thieves that if they want to break in to jewelry shops, today is the day to do it, because there is no police in the rest of the province!

Poor “Boo” had been told by the lady in the school kitchen, who supplies him with cans and bottles (You pay a fee for them when you purchase them and you get the fee back, when you return them. “Boo” collects thrown away cans and bottles every week and buys his own candy! Where will this entrepreneur end up??? He is only six!), that there will be tons of cans and bottles in the park. He thought, when “Kitty” told him that they were going to a Walpurgis bonfire, that this was where they were going. He was all excited and told me about all the money he was going to earn this evening. I had to break his heart and tell him that the town park is no place for children. That he, “Kitty”, Daniel, “Dollie” and T. were going to a member of the church instead. Every year this family out on the coast, invites the entire congregation and have a bonfire, games, grilling and so forth. No cans and bottles there. No intoxication. Just plain old fun, in the cold. “Cookie” was invited to her best friend, so for the first time in years, she has not gone with them. I as usual, have stayed home. Accompanied by “Sparky”. No way will I spend the entire afternoon and evening out in the cold. I am thinking about putting on a film. “Enchanted April” if I can find it. Fitting film the last day of April.


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