The Dreams of Maxime

The girls headed off for dancing already at 9:00, Saturday morning. I had decided that with such a lousy car, I am determined to drive less. They had to take the bus, and why not, since they have bus cards?! There was screaming and whining of course since “the Diva” had not climbed out of bed and had decided to put her stage make up on, here at home. T. had to drive them to the bus station, for them to catch the right bus. Then we did not see them until 16:00, when we sat in the theater and they came on stage. “The Diva’s” number where among the first ones and I tried to film it for her. But I was not filming every number, since then I would not have had any room on the memory card, by the time her sister came on. She HAD ordered T. to film everything though. Tough luck!

toeshoesThe story was that Maxime goes to bed with her teddy bear and then she dreams of all sorts of things. “The Diva’s” number was from the Swan Lake, it turned out, so the six ballet girls were in white tutus, white feathers and toe-shoes of course. I just realized when filming that I NEVER get to SEE my daughters dance, when I film and take photos, since I have to concentrate getting heads and feet in the picture frame. What a waste really!!! Paying to see them dance and then I just sit there doing chores for them instead!!! “Cookie” was in a big number with clowns and she was in the back so I could hardly see her at all. They had masks on their heads, at the back of their heads, so when they turned and showed their backs, their “faces” looked the same as in the front. Half of her face was painted red since half her T-shirt was red, half grey. The balls stayed on as did the ones she had attached to her shoes. Cute! The performance was short. Only 45 minutes. Everyone did a fantastic job. The funniest ones were the street dancers, that was a big group dressed as penguins. It was a funny number.

When the girls had come out, afterwards, “The Diva” insisted on getting something to drink at McDonald’s. Since I had a splitting head ache and needed a drink to take with my pills, I agreed to going in there and buying a drink. Then “Cookie” saw that the Happy Meals had the funny fat sheep from “Shaun the Sheep”, included. A picnic box actually, and we decided to get ONE Happy Meal, so that “Sparky” would get the funny box. He and I watch “Shaun…” on TV every morning since he is so funny. The girls were to share the Meal. T. bought a big drink for himself and the girls to share between them, and then I was to drink the Happy Meal drink. I said nothing about it. Till I drove home. “The Diva” wanted us to drive her up to this village far away, for a missionary farewell. We told her that we were all starved and just wanted to go home. She got angry with us and even though she claimed that she was not hungry, she ate up all the chips in the Meal and drank the whole drink that was intended for her dad, her sister and herself. All “Cookie” received was two chicken nuggets, since she shared!. Not quite what I had intended and I really got angry with my oldest daughter. Then she bawled me out, when she found out that I had not recorded the entire 45 minute show! I told her that IF I had recorded everything before her dance, her dance and so forth, by the time they got to her sister’s dance, then I would not have had any more room on the memory card, and how fair would that have been for her sister? She did not care! Sat and screamed at me half the way home! So I turned on Church music and played it as loud as I could!!!!

We got home and the boys were happy to see us. It was late. They were starved. At 18:15, I started to fry the meat for the spaghetti sauce while “the Diva” stood and argued with her father, wanting to be driven up to the party. Him emptying the wash machine and loading it again, while telling her that he was not driving anywhere. I could not understand why the meat was not going brown. Daniel had chopped the leak and wanted to dump it in to the meat and I told him something was wrong. I realized, that the biggest burner on the stove, no longer works! It’s had a crack in it for probably over a year and a half, when Johannes in anger slammed down a pot on the ceramic. I have known that we eventually will need a new stove. The light in the oven doesn’t work since a couple of years, the light that shows that the oven has got up to temperature, has been broken for years as well and both handles on both upper and lower oven, are broken off, so one has to open them with a knife, but… I did not think that the stove would have to be replaced right after we find out that our car is dying. This is a hard blow. I had to cook on the back burner, that is not as big. This really makes my life more complicated. I hate to buy a new stove right now, but how long can we avoid it?

When it was time to go to bed, “Cookie” told me that she felt very tired. She had been so bored during the break betweene the dress rehearsal and the performance. They had the dress rehearsal between 10:00-13:00. Then they had a break till 15:15 when they had to be back. I had assumed that she would be with her sister, but “the Diva” had been mean to her sister as usual and had just headed out with her dance group on town. Poor “Cookie”, that has made no friends in her dance group, sat there all alone for two hours! She had gone outside for a while to get fresh air, but then she had forgot the code to get back in, so she just had to stand there till someone else had come around, that knew the code. I really did not think I had to order “the Diva” to take care of her sister! Why does she have to be so mean????? I guess they will have the same sort of contact with each other, when grown up, that my sister and I have. That is, no contact at all. It breaks my heart. I hoped that my children would be close…


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