Yarn balls and dancing woes!

Well, it looks like “Diva” has all she needs for her performance on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. Although I know that she will start screaming about red lipstick, tinted foundation, loose eye lashes and the usual things, that the teacher feels that us parents should have at home or invest in, for just a couple of hours of performance! I’m sorry, useless make up is not in my budget. I only buy, what I need.

garnboll“Cookie” is supposed to be a clown, and has a T-shirt that is red on one half of the body and grey on the other. For it, she must make six yarn balls, three for the front and three for the back, and two for her feet. Problem is that she has only made a few and they are very big. She started on them in school so I couldn’t warn her. Now all have to be the same size.  So it takes time! It takes a lot of yarn! And she is not done! Tomorrow, the first serious rehearsal starts and she is supposed to wear the things she will be dancing in. I feel VERY tired suddenly and overwhelmed. I know she will put me on trying to sew on those balls, after she has already cut off the strings, that I could just have pulled through the T-shirt and tied on the backside!!!! And she still can not get herself to dance, so I must drive her there tomorrow.

Friday, both girls dance between 16:00-19:00 and could perhaps have headed there together, BUT tickets for the performance, are being sold 17:00-18:00, so I MUST go there, even though I don’t want to. But if I don’t, then I don’t get any tickets!!!! Saturday is even worse, 10-13, they have dress rehearsal, then they can have lunch, only to be back 15:15 in order to dance the first performance at 16:00. I am aiming for tickets, for that one, since I do not want to go on a Sunday, even if the girls have to be there then. Sunday, it’s Church as usual and then the girls have to be at the theater at 15:00 again, to perform at 16:00.

Monday we get a break from dancing but then I have to drop the girls at the theater 8:00 on Tuesday for the school performance. The Catholic school is as usual not interested, so I have to drive the boys down to school and drop them there, before I can hurry back home to drop “Sparky” at pre-school. They dance 9:30 and I hope, hope, hope that “the Diva” will not pick a fight about taking her sister with her, back to school. I don’t want to drive back to the theater just to drive them to school and then back out to the village… This thing is going to be a right nightmare. I am not looking forward to it at all.

Today, I received added stress, since they are digging down cables for broadband around here. A letter stated that they need access to my house the 6 May, from 12:30-16:00. Sorry but I can’t remove my bed from my bedroom and a super heavy book-case full of books and scrapbooking things! They need to open up a “trap door” in the floor and crawl under the house! We are supposed to do that once a year but there is just too much things in there! To lift off the heavy mattress is a nightmare in itself, and all the boxes stored under the bed just makes it worse still. And if this, “DEMAND”, wasn’t bad enough, I have to be at the hospital all day with “Sparky” for his Mag 3. We are supposed to be there at 9:30, which means that they will put Emla on him 9:30, set the needle at 10:30/11:00. They always run late! And then the Mag 3 will start around 11:30. I have never left the hospital sooner than 13:00. Sometimes 13:30. The Mag 3 takes about 30 minutes. Then you have to wait for half an hour, to take a “still” picture. At least this time I will not make the mistake I did last time, when I forgot to have him drink 2 dl, an hour before the procedure. How can I be in two places at once? I can’t leave the door unlocked and let strange men be in my house, doing who knows what? This is really, really bad!

Actually, I do not know why we have to have this broadband in the first place. It was the president for our “commonalities compound” (never heard of the word but it’s what google translates in to) that decided on this, with the board and it means that we are soon going to have to cough up 723 pounds/850 Euros/1103 Dollars per house, which is money that I have no idea, where it’s going to come from? It was a democratic vote, or so it was said. Right, I never voted for anything, but I guess if I hadvoted no, I would have lost anyway, since all the others are really hip on this idea! Let’s say, my days are filled with worry, nowadays. But I am not going to say that I need a break, because every time I do say those words, I end up very sick in hospital! And I do NOT want to go there…


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