The end of “SON”/”Lögnen”/”The Lie”

lögnenLeft to right: Selim, Alev, Ali, Halil, Aylin.

So, I watched the end of the series and I can not say that I enjoyed the end, one bit. I guess to explain the end, one has to explain the last couple of episodes that show the history of the couples involved.

In 1999, Ali was on the police force. His wife, Feride, was highly pregnant. That is when he gets a phone call from his old friend, that he has to help hide the Iranian scientist Bahman, somewhere safe. He doesn’t answer his phone for hours. And Feride goes in to pre-mature labour. The only one she can get hold of that evening, New Year’s Eve, is her brother-in-law Halil.

Halil is at an Office New Year’s Party. He has brought his foster-brother Selim with him, since he wants to talk to this girl he is really interested in, but has been too shy to talk to, up till now. The girl is, Aylin. But Selim, is pouty, doesn’t want to be there, doesn’t even ask WHY they are there, since he is a very spoiled young man. Ali has always only cared about him, not Halil, his real brother. And the parents have spoiled Selim, since he lost his family so tragically. When Ali and Selim received “hip” jackets from Germany, the mother made Halil, give his jacket to “poor” Selim. All these injustices have built up resentment in Halil. And now it gets worse. His sister-in-law phones just as he is going to walk up and finally talk to Aylin. He rushes off to help Feride to the hospital and has to stay with her for 5 hours, till Ali shows up. When he gets back to the party, he notices a pretty, happy, smiling Aylin on the terrace outside, grabs a wine glass for himself and one for her. He walks out to her, hands her the glass and is about to say something, when Selim pops out from around a corner and says “oh thanks for bringing me wine”, and grabs the other glass. Halil had not understood that she was talking to someone behind a pillar. Halil and Selim return home but as soon as they get home, Selim phones Aylin. And Halil is absolutely devastated.

Selim and Aylin become a couple right in front of Halil’s eyes, but Halil starts a firm with Aylin to be close to her. When she gets engaged to Selim, Halil throws himself in to a relationship with a psycho photographer named Alev. Her mother had an affair while her dad was still alive and then married her lover right after her husband’s death, and this made Alev go off her rocker. She drinks, takes drugs, and getting involved with Halil, that is in love with Aylin, is not the smartest. But she is like a leach and he just accepts her being there.

When all hope is over for Halil, when Selim has married Aylin, Halil takes up with Alev again, to numb the pain and they decide to get married. One afternoon he takes her to the summer-house where they run in to Bahman. Shocked, they are told to not tell a soul. Bahman is ill, and Selim is called to help him. So, all three “brothers” know that Bahman is hiding in that house. And Alev.

Soon after Selim’s wedding, he is to take off for Iran, to help earth quake victims. Aylin begs him not to go, but he gets angry with her and leaves anyway. While he is away, she finds out that she is pregnant. But she can’t ring him and he not her, since the phone connections are erratic. One day, he walks in to a record shop in Iran, to buy Aylin her favourite singer’s record. It’s a cloak and dagger shop, since music is not allowed. He takes the record that looks old and worn and gets balled out by Leyla! leylamalekiShe was buying that. The next day, he runs in to her in theatre, since she happens to be a nurse. She invites him home to listen to records. Instead of telling her that he is married, he says that he was buying the record for a friend! And they end up in bed! And the stupid cow, the Botox lips and big cow eyes, now is IN LOVE and no other man will ever do again. He walks to his hotel to pack but tells his friend and colleague, that he loves Leyla and that he is staying in Iran. His friend tells him that he must phone his wife Aylin, that is waiting for his return that day. He goes down to phone in the lobby. But the connection is bad. Aylin doesn’t  hear when he says that he loves another woman and is going to stay in Iran with her. But he hears when Aylin moments later, says that she is pregnant. So he goes up to pack his bags to go back to Turkey and then goes to Leyla, to tell her that he will not stay with her after all. He tells her that he is married and she just screams “you westerners just come here and use us!”.

Leyla finds out that she is pregnant and is told that she must have an abortion. She has been doing work for “the resistance” with Majid, Aylin’s friend Selen’s ex-boyfriend, and he persuades her not to kill her baby. He offers marriage but no doubt, this man who loves her so much, did not expect to have separate bedrooms for the next six years! A couple of years later, she starts contacting Selim. He asks her to go via Halil, so that his wife will not find out. First he needs to know that the twin boys are really his. When DNA proves that, he accepts the fact that he must help her since she says that she and the boys are in danger. Lying of course. Halil is disgusted with the idea that Aylin doesn’t know that her husband has cheated on her. For years Halil has stayed close to her and Selim, and Alev hates it all. She ridicules Halil for not letting his love for Aylin go. Now he feels awful going behind Aylin’s back and helping Selim, but Selim always gets what he wants. Leyla runs off with her two sons to meet Selim in Turkey, but Majid catches up with her, as she is boarding a smuggler’s van. Mehdi, the one son, doesn’t listen to his mother when she calls for him to come, so Majid rushes over to grab him, thinking that will make Leyla stay. But she takes off with her other son Fahrad. When Selim meets her and Fahrad, at the airport, he takes them to Bahman, in the summer-house. Leyla leaves to fetch Mehdi as well. That is when Halil arrives and tells Selim that the plane for Germany has crashed and that Aylin is devastated with grief. Fahrad has run off in to the forest, since he knows no Turkish and doesn’t know where his mum is. Halil finally looses it. He is so sick and tired of Selim messing things up and landing on his feet every time, since he makes others sort out his messes. He looses it and tells Bahman that Selim can’t leave the summer-house. Bahman drugs Selim to keep him calm, since Halil threatens to give away his hiding place otherwise.

Months on end goes by, and Aylin tries to find out the truth and when she hears how Selim had a mistress in Iran, children… It was almost too much for her to bear. She starts going to Alev’s ex-therapist that is so obsessed with Alev that he has a gigantic photo of her in his bedroom and pretends that she is his wife, talking to the photo. He starts creeping around Aylin’s house as well as Alev’s place. Alev gets more and more sick in her ways, and one day she sits and looks at a photo that she took of Bahman, shortly before she married, when she and Halil had visited the summer-house. She decides to go out there and does, which Cem, the therapist sees. When she gets to the summer-house, she finds Bahman, the drugged Selim and Halil. She runs off but Halil catches up with her by the sea. That’s where Cem sees them, driving by. They have a row about his love for Aylin and Alev falls over the cliffs. Cem breaks in to Aylin’s house where Ali, catches up with him, and tries to talk him out of harming Aylin. But before he can do anything, Cem gets shot, by Halil, that has grabbed a gun from the police car and has crept up from behind. Some days later, Alev is found at the bottom of the cliffs and ends up in hospital, but dies from her injuries. But she is not gone. She is everywhere where Halil goes, argues with him, haunts him, terrorizes him, tells him to do things. He can’t sleep. After 6 months he is a wreck. Aylin has started dating but she and Halil spends more and more time together, and finally Halil is happy. Aylin seems to have feelings for him after all.

That is when Leyla has managed escaping from the Iranian prison she has been in, since leaving Turkey, and she shows up on Aylin’s doorstep wanting help. Help to get Mehdi back, help to get to Fahrad. She can’t go back to Iran, but she is convinced she says, that Selim must have gone there to fetch their son and that something has happened to him. That is all Aylin needs to hear. So she takes off for Iran. Halil is in shock. Since the death of Alev, things have happened at the summer-house. Bahman is no longer safe there. Ali has been followed, so has his friend in the government, Aylin’s friend Selen’s father as it turns out, and Bahman  is smuggled to the US to be with his family. When Bahman is about to tell his friend, the politician, about Selim and his whereabouts, he and his family are murdered. So where is Selim? Halil has taken him to an old bomb shelter in the harbour, in an abandoned factory. And he has put Yorgo, who was the drunk driver that killed Selim’s family, to guard over Selim. But Yorgo, goes to tell Aylin about Selim, after Selim has begged him to do so. He doesn’t find Aylin at home though, since Aylin is in Iran, but he finds Leyla. Halil is disgusted with Selim’s mistress sitting in Aylin’s beautiful house and she is really jealous of what Aylin has, so it is not at all innocent from her side either. When Yorgo is going back to Selim, Halil is there, with a hoodie on, so that Leyla can’t see who it is. Halil attacks Yorgo and strangles him. Leyla tries to hit Halil on the head but he only gets it on his neck. Leyla runs off, with a little map that Yorgo gave her, showing where Selim is.

When Halil has done away with Yorgo’s body, he goes in search for Leyla and finds her before she finds Selim. He says that she must stay in a hotel, so he gets her a room. And then phones immigration, that comes to arrest her. She runs off before that though and phones Halil. When he picks her up in his car, she sees the bruise on the neck and realizes that he is the killer of Yorgo. So she throws her out of the car and finds her way to the abandoned factory. Halil arrives soon thereafter. At the same time, Selim has managed to break out of his prison. Halil catches Leyla, right after she has sent a text message to Aylin, that by now has been able to escape over the border, back to Turkey after some terrible happenings in Iran. Among other things, Mehdi has been shot and a man tried to rape her. The text message says that Halil kidnapped Selim. Halil strangles Leyla, puts Selim back in to the shelter, and drives Leyla’s body to a forest. Alev’s ghost stands there telling him that he should have killed Selim too. That he must bury Leyla, but he doesn’t have the time. Alev just will not stop nagging ever. So he is loosing it more and more. He takes a flight to meet Aylin. She tries to phone Ali and tell him that Halil might know where Selim is, but Halil shows up and acts weird. They fly back to Istanbul. Leyla’s body has been found. Aylin wants to be dropped at her mother’s house, but instead of staying there, she follows Halil to see where he goes next. He of course having Alev’s ghost nagging on him what to do next. Selim has escaped again and has headed for his home. Ali goes to search in Halil’s home for clues, after a phone call from Aylin. Halil runs in to the factory, only to see that Selim is no longer in the shelter and arguing with Alev, he returns to his car in search of Selim. Aylin realizes that something is wrong, and follows him again. In Halil’s house, Ali finds the little map that Leyla had been given by Yorgo, so he goes to the factory, only to see what Halil saw, an empty place. By now, Selim has got in to his own house but noone is there. But Halil arrives and points a gun at him!

halilwithgunAlev stands and eggs him on to shoot. Halil acts just like a psycho, and when Aylin shows up, he looses it. He shoots at the ghost of Alev, over and over again since she keeps on popping up all over and finally, he puts the gun in his own mouth, since he realizes that it doesn’t matter if Selim is unfaithful like a dog, Aylin will always forgive him because Selim always gets everything he wants. But before he gets to kill himself, Ali, his brother enters the room and shoots him in the leg. So, Ali gets to spend his retirement with Feride and the young man who was sent to spy on him, to find Bahman, and Fahrad returns to Turkey from the refugee camp in Norway, where he had been sent by Selim, to grow up with his half-brother Ömer. Selim sits there proud of himself, the chauvinist pig. And Aylin, well, I am disgusted. And poor Halil, whose only crime was loving Aylin so much that he went insane with the love, ends up in prison, where Alev the ghost stands beside him, banging a metal food plate against the wall, over and over and over and over again.

Perhaps this is good Turkish TV. How Turkish people like things to end. Personally, I hated the ending. Selim was an adulterer and once you have cheated on your wife, you will do it again. Just a matter of time. Aylin should have left him. He could have raised Fahrad by himself! And Halil! What he needed was counseling, not prison! He was psychologically ill and prison will not make him well again, at all. Alev’s ghost will just drive him to suicide.



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2 responses to “The end of “SON”/”Lögnen”/”The Lie”

  1. I filled in the holes, after I was asked to do so.

    As for Halil, he was the only really likeable person through the series so it was very disappointing that he was the killer. On the other hand, I think that a western world lawyer would have got him. No prison but an asylum. It was a clear case of insanity! If you see a dead person wherever you go, wherever you look, than you have serious problems!!! You need therapy, medication… When you hear voices that tell you to kill, you usually get the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Don’t know what his would have been, but with a US lawyer, I know what verdict he would have gone for.

    Try SVT play, perhaps one can see the episodes still? Otherwise, I’m sure it will be out on DVD soon.

  2. “And poor Halil, whose only crime was loving Aylin so much that he went insane with the love, ends up in prison,”
    Er…. han dödade ju också ett par människor… hur dumma och sinnesjuka de än var. Men visst skulle han behövt terapi.

    Jag måste säga att jag tyckte om serien 😀 Jag bara kom på eftermiddag den 19:e att jag har inte sett de sista 30 avsnitt 😀 Så tack att du fyller i hålen 🙂