No vote for the Swedish Social Democrats

Last night, some shocking news were told on the TV news. No, not that the problem with poop bacteria in our council water being gone, like we all wished, but something worse. Yes, something worse than having to boil all our water till further notice! The social democrats in this country have done the most scandalous thing!!!! Their party has actually been ridden with scandal the last couple of years. Government people using their government VISA cards for personal travel, grocery shopping for the family and you name it. And then there has been tax evasions and other rude taboo things, that have brought the faith in politicians to a real low. But yesterday’s announcement is disgusting and really takes the price: A Muslim by the name Omar Mustafa, has been elected in to a top position in the party. Even though this man is a famous anti-Semite! He has invited all sorts of anti-Semites to give talks at the Islamic Association Conferences and THIS even though “Incitement to Racial Hatred” is against the law in this country. But as usual, the Muslims that keep on doing this, only get a slap on the fingers and then they do it again and again. I am getting so sick and tired of hearing things like this. What sort of country am I living in really? This kissing up to Muslims is going too far!

My own religion is spat on, ridiculed and not tolerated. But now the Muslims have also won a second victory in Stockholm, since they will be allowed to have a call-to-prayers done, on Fridays, from a minaret. Where in any other Christian Western country is this allowed? Where we are supposed to hide our religion if it differs from the mainstream. Or like in our case here in Sweden, when mainstream mean atheist. So, now the Muslims in Fittja, Stockholm are happy. And I guess soon we will hear the call in Malmö, because all the other mosques will want the same privilege. And when they could get it through on Fridays, then they will continue to fight and not stop until they get it all weekdays, several times a day. It is just a matter of time.

And now it is has just been approved, that it is absolutely alright to be an anti-Semite. I watched the morning news today to see if they can get rid of him before it’s too late. But the party was there to protect him. He has changed they said. He has learned his lesson, that he must find other ways to create an opinion. Find another way? How about suicide bombings? That is what is usually done, is it not? Right outside the synagogues? I could not BELIEVE how gullible the party is! And the person in the studio made an absolute idiot of himself. He more or less endorsed that Omar Mustafa’s past is no problem at all! More and more people from the party are complaining though and I am silently applauding them. Women are voicing their opinion that his bigot view of women, as the President of the Islamic Association, makes him unfit to sit in the party leadership. And the President of the Swedish Committee against anti-Semitism, told the party member on the news today, that Mustafa might have said that he no longer will invite anti-Semites to the Islamic Association, TODAY, but he did so only days ago, AND has done so many things and said so many terrible things in the past, that you just can’t believe in such a quick conversion to the politically correct ways of doing things. I agree with him. He should know, since he has debated against Mustafa several times, about his hatred against the Jews. This is really a devil in disguise and which God is he really serving? Allah or the Swedish people’s welfare? Our Jewish citizens are as much Swedes as everyone else. They should not have to perhaps be lead one day, by an anti-Semite. If they let him stay at the party top layer, we could one day sit with a minister, or even prime minister, that spreads the ancient old lies of “Jews kidnapping Christians and killing them for the blood that they need to bake matzoh”. How can any enlightened person believe in such crap? And more over, a person that will sit and take political decisions? I am so disgusted that I know for SURE that I will never ever vote for that party again, not until they kick him out. Not that I have voted for them, for years, but I was contemplating it some months ago. Moreover, my parents never voted for anything but the social democrats, so I guess that is what have made me so outraged at this latest scandal. My dad was the biggest fan of Olof Palme, that was murdered 30 years ago, this year. So I grew up hearing about the social democrats and believed in their politics just like my dad did. Olof Palme would never ever have let something like this happen, had he been in power today. They used to stand for equal rights, human rights, and now they have elected a person that looks at women like vermin and that feels that Jews should be exterminated. Well done, social democrats! That sounds very much like equal human rights!!! What’s next? An Adolf Hitler-copy for Party Leader? Just invite Jimmie Åkesson over. He and his fellow nazis are already in place, in parliament. I really get frightened of the future!


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