Easter is over for 2013

Did we have a good Easter? I suppose, or? Good Friday, I polarndressheaded out to run several errands. One of the most important ones being, to get hold of three Easter eggs, to put candy in, because three had disappeared or broken, during the past year. And of course, getting the candy itself. I headed off at noon and did not get home until 18:00! With lots of bags!!! I found the most adorable dress for “Cookie”, to wear the last day of school, and of course to Church! She became ecstatic of course, since it “swirls”. I thought it was SO 1950s and so cute. Would have loved one for myself as well since the colour is a wonderful petrol colour and not light blue, like it looks like on this picture! Since it is still winter, and she might want to use it to Church, I also bought the cutest stockings that look just like the dress! Think if Serena had got to live! They had matching dresses for all girls from 6 months to 12 years!!!! The two of them would have looked adorable together!

I also had managed to find underwear for little “Sparky”. The other day, I sat and looked at his sad underwear, that have been used by both “Kitty” and “Boo” before. All washed out and some have really shrunk in the dryer. Now I came home with 8 new pairs that had pictures of “Disney’s Cars” on them. But I must say that I was disappointed over how all shops, have moved from regular underwear to boxer shorts for little boys. Some shops wanted 7.11 pounds/8.41 Euro/10.80 Dollars, for ONE pair of boxer shorts! If you need a whole week of underwear, well excuse me, but who can afford it? The cheapest I found was two for 10.16 Pounds/12.02 Euro/15.42 Dollars, and I did not even feel comfortable with that price. I really had to search long and hard to find regular ones that came four in one package for 7.11 pounds… (see above). That price I could accept, because how fun is it really to spend a fortune on underwear, that no-one really sees anyway?

klänninglindexIn the middle of everything, I even managed to find a modest dress for myself! I did intend for it to be for “Dollie”, for the last day of school, BUT she, who sat at home looking at it on the computer, did not like it. Well, she said that she would be too warm in it. Truth is probably more like it’s not sexy enough for my 15 year-old-daughter, or tight enough fitting. While I waited for her decision, standing in the changing room myself, I tried it on for size, for her, and since size small fitted me so well and I have a difficult time to find modest dresses that go to the knee, have sleeves and not too rounded neck line or low neckline, I ended up buying the dress for ME and hanging her size medium back on the rack. Sad really, because it is very difficult to find dresses for her. She is very tall, VERY big busted and her back almost looks like a U, so it is very, very difficult to find clothes for her, that fit well. Most often they are too short for Church or they sit too tight, to be modest. I think that most people could wear this dress. And it was a price that I could agree on, which of course is not something she cares about. Last year, we had to resort to a second-hand shop, to find her something! She loved the dress I found her then, but has only worn it two times because she keeps all her clothes in a pile on the floor, and what ends up at the bottom, doesn’t get worn at all.

One thing I needed to buy, was some small token for Daniel’s Easter egg. I had not planned on doing this thing, this year, but since I had two Lego magazines with Ninjago theme and toy on them, for “Boo” and “Kitty”, that they were supposed to save up for, and which will never happen since they do not want to forego their Saturday candy, I felt that this meant that I had to buy something small for the others, as well. “Dollie” getting a writing set with the boys that she is totally in love with. I constantly remind her of “I am in love with someone who doesn’t know that I exist.” And that boys like this will only go for famous girls or photo models. She can’t talk of anything but them, day and night, so I just want to puke about the whole thing. Maybe not the smartest thing to buy the writing set then? Probably not, but she became hysterical with joy, finding it on Easter Eve morning. Boys? One Direction, what else?! For “Cookie”, I bought a small Lego set with Lego Friends, since she loves those “dolls”. And for “Sparky”, I got hold of the funny rusty car “Fred” from “Cars”, weeks ago, on ebay. Now, only Daniel was missing. (Johannes had to be without since he after all is grown up and moved out.) At a sporting shop, I found two funny T-shirts, that can replace two broken, inherited ones, that he insists on wearing. They cost more than the others’ tokens, but he needed these, and they were funny. Or rather, the text was funny. One by Nike said “Just Do It”, which is a saying, that one of the prophets of our Church always used, meaning that we should just do the things we are supposed to, I guess. Live the commandments, do what is asked of you. I thought, that it would be great for Daniel to wear on Preparation-days, when he is on his mission. The other one had a meaning, for us as Church members, as well. It said “Under Armour” and as bullied as he is in school, for his religion, it is great. He must be under armour to protect himself from their mean words. And God says to put on the armour of God, so this is also a great missionary T-shirt. Now, I wonder if he will wear them NOW or wait till his mission? His plans are to go in 2014, after graduating. He also loved his Easter token and understood the meaning of the T-shirts, without explanation. What he could not understand was, had I gone in search of T-shirts with a missionary message? I laughed, and said it was pure coincidence and that I only saw how great they were, when I stood and dug in a pile of T-shirts on a table, trying to find re-placement T-shirts for him, so we can throw away the old ones.

On the Easter egg shell hunt, I was not as successful! Every shop and supermarket that Ipåskägg went to, had sold out on them, cards and the egg colouring kits. I really, really became sad. We had to make do with what we could find at home. Matching together egg halves that did not belong with each other and so forth. But it’s what is inside that counts, right? And that Iwas able to get hold of, no problem. I sat up till one in the morning, dividing candy in to seven eggs and then making a treasure hunt for four of the children, knowing that Johannes would not want to go on one. And hiding “Sparky’s” and “Boo’s” eggs “Bird, Fish or in between”.

Easter Eve morning, I handed out the envelopes with the clues to the four children, that can read, and one after the next, they started following the clues. “Go to your mother’s sock drawer”, “Go to the playhouse” (Always a funny one to send Daniel out to, since it is outside. But it snowed Friday night, so less funny for them to go outside in pyjamas!), “Go to the dark laundry”, “Go to the carrot box”… They had a blast! We took it easy all day, the children munching away, on way too much candy. The disappointing thing was Johannes not showing up until 18:00 and then leaving already 21:00. He and the other young men in his house, had just sat around doing nothing, not going home to their families, until completely necessary, it seems. I thought it was rude and next time, I will just say “we eat at this and this hour, be here ON TIME, because it’s not fun for us to sit and starve and wait for you!”. When he did arrive, he was not hungry, but WE were! He takes all these supplements so that he will not be hungry, burn fat quickly, build muscle and you name it. He is an adult. Nothing I say to him, is appreciated. He has got training, dieting and building muscle on his brain. But it is not working. He looks tired, acts tired and is skinnier than skinny. He will not get in to his head, that he will never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he does not have Arnold’s body build! I wish my oldest son would listen to sound advice, instead of the advice of idiots that think just like himself, so he would not have to run in to a wall each time. But he really wants to learn all his lessons the hard way. What he doesn’t understand is that you can’t play with your body. There are things that can’t be repaired, if you ruin them. You only get ONE body, even if you can get a second chance with many other things in life. It is so sad to sit and watch this fanaticism of his. I am starting to wonder if he has Aspberger’s? He gets so obsessed with a thing and will not let go until he gets totally burned. And then he moves on to the next thing.

That evening we watched “Harry Potter 5”, which is a film that T., Johannes, Daniel, “Dollie” and “Cookie” had seen before, but not me and the little boys. It was nice to watch a film together as a family, but “Boo” was told to hide under his quilt, so many times that he fell asleep, under it. And I had to sit with my hand over “Sparky’s” eyes, so… And in the middle of the film, I missed important things, since everyone wanted their dessert, which this year, was banana split. I can’t remember what real banana split consists of but I put a bunch of meringues at the bottom, a cut up banana (in tiny slices), vanilla ice-cream, cream and chopped walnuts on top. The others wanted chocolate sauce too, which I do not like on this dish, but they got what they wanted. Everyone was pleased except “Sparky” that for some reason doesn’t like ice-cream anymore. I think he associates it with vomiting. He vomited every Sunday night, in November and December, after having Sunday dessert (ice-cream). Now it seems, he has turned against it completely. Had I known, I could have just given him the other things, without the ice-cream. Noone else had informed me, what he does on Sundays now. Since I always sleep then, I didn’t have a clue.

At 21:00, Johannes stood up and said that he had to leave to get to the training place. On Easter Eve! I couldn’t stop him but was disappointed. He went out to his bicycle and “Sparky” said to his brother “You must not go out there! There are ghosts!”. I kissed my little boy and had to tell him that there are no ghosts, but Johannes laughed hard when he bicycled off, to town.

Nothing spectacular happened in Church Sunday. I gave a lesson on baptism and the receiving of the Holy Ghost. Strange that the lesson book did not have a special Easter lesson. All other years it has had a special Easter and Christmas lesson. I would much rather have taught that. So I threw in my own thoughts, since we did talk about how Jesus went to Johannes to be baptized. The lesson did mention taking the sacrament, at the very end of the lesson, to remind us of our baptism covenants. But I managed to throw in the Atonement, the last supper and so forth. But I would have liked to have used the whole lesson time, for the subject.

Yesterday, I sat and read my book on the Yiddish Civilisation, while Daniel spent the day, preparing for his departure to Berlin, today. I got up at 4:30, showered, and then we left at 5:20 for his school. There was thick ice on the car and I was sooooo tired since “Sparky” wouldn’t sleep in his own bed last night. He came in to sleep with me and I woke up drenched in sweat, since he was a right little hot water bottle. He didn’t notice when my alarm clock went off, when I had to turn on the light, to find socks, when I showered, nor when we left. Daniel was so excited and so were all his classmates and his teachers. They even had an old retired teacher with them, who I guess is a WWII expert. I have no idea, when they will get to Berlin, but I am sure they will have a fun time. It is a nice city, and full of history of course. I can not remember what they were going to see today, after arriving, but tomorrow they are going to the Jewish Museum, and that is a very, very good one!

When I arrived back home at 6:30, I expected “Boo” and “Sparky” to be up, watching  TV, but the house was all silent. I managed to plug the loo, which was not good, and then snuck back in to bed. “Sparky” didn’t even notice! Now I know, that it is probably “Boo” that wakes him up EVERY morning, chasing him out of bed. Because in MY bed, he slept till well after 9:00!!!!


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