Easter witches


(Photo taken from internet. Not my child!)

I am sitting here under a blanket, waiting in my now brown hair, for my children to get back from being “Easter witches”, which is what Swedish children dress up as on Easter Thursday. Having so many boys though, we have had to make adaptations. The boys donned caps with Easter feathers on the top, instead of the head scarves. And “Sparky” did not want to wear an apron! But all of them including “Cookie” had red-painted cheeks and black freckles all over their faces. She of course dressed as an “Easter witch”.

While I was away, at the hair dressers, “Cookie”, “Kitty” and “Boo”, sat and made little Easter cards, Easter decorations and Easter letters. That’s why it felt sad when I got home, and “Dollie” walked around telling them, that she wouldn’t take them out, to deliver their “work” to all our neighbours. She does this all the time. Empty threats to exercise power and it really makes me so sad, since I have to smooth over things with her siblings. I had to promise them that their father would take them instead. And then suddenly this evening, she said she couldn’t take them because it was too late. I told her to get a grip on herself and just take them out as was decided days ago. Then she started harping on poor “Boo”, that hated his dinner and refused to eat it. She was going to exclude him and I got so angry. He was devastated and told me how many egg cards he had made, and now he was not going to be allowed to give them away. In the end, I WON the fight, and she took all her siblings out. Why shouldn’t she, when she takes her share of all the candy that people give as thank yous for the cards and letters they receive? I just get so stressed up by the fighting and power games she is playing with her siblings, and the tears and disappointments in the younger ones, breaks my heart.

They just got through the door with a whole basket full of candy. And poor “Sparky” being frozen solid, crying. So I have had him in my arms for a little while and T. is now trying to give him a warm shower so he will not shake anymore. Poor baby! Doesn’t even know why he went out there in the first place. Luckily he had only cried at the last house and his siblings had bribed him with chocolate! Now they are dividing their loot! Or should I say, Miss Dictator out there is doing it under 8 VERY watchful eyes. I threatened that if she did not do it fairly, I would keep the candy in my bedroom till tomorrow and then I would divide it all, tomorrow morning. Neither of them liked that idea! I wonder why?!


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