Easter holiday so far

Third day of our Easter holiday week. Yesterday, “Kitty” caught sight of me in the evening and said “hello mamma, I haven’t seen you all day!”. Let’s say that my Easter week so far has not become the way I expected it. I thought I would go out for walks, read books and scrapbook. Yes, scrapbook! I went to scrapbooking Saturday and had 50 photos from our visit to the Alfons Åberg exhibition, developed for it! Not that I get that many scrapbooked in one day, but I like to get all photos from one event, developed together, so that I don’t forget to scrapbook the rest of them… After getting three pages done that day and evening, I was on a roll so to speak, so I thought I would finally get going again with my scrapbooking.

Instead I have been sitting completely exhausted in the evenings, semi-dizzy from the migraine medicine, that has finally worked by eventide. But then during day time, I have been laying like a dead tuna in bed, with the room darkened, to not hurt my head and eyes. No walks, no book reading and no scrapbooking, and half the holiday gone, almost. Tomorrow I have to get out of bed however much my head hurts. I am to have a hair cut and my hair toned, at 9:00! I think I am going to ask for dark brown. I am sick and tired of my looks. I feel horribly ugly and the mousey hair colour doesn’t help. I also need to get Euros for Daniel since he is off to Berlin the day after the holidays, leaving already at 6:00 in the morning, the 2 April. He is all excited. T.’s collegue is off to Sicily! I asked if he needs a tour guide? I would happily read up on everything there is to know about Sicily, don my spring clothes and fly off to the warm south. It’s still cold here even if lots of the snow, now, have melted. Let’s say that I am still very comfortable in my winter boots lined with fur, and my heavy wool duffel coat!


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