Easter and snow!

Difficult to get in to an Easter feeling here. It’s been snowing all day, and it’s felt very odd to tell everyone “Happy Easter”, since in my mind Easter is supposed to be connected with spring. The children already have Easter holiday, since their school decided to have a study day today. Daniel had to head off for school this morning though, and he came in to me, to see if I was alive, with a quizzical face. We had forgot to tell him that all his siblings were to be home today, except him and “Sparky”. Since the pre-school was having an Easter party today, I did not have a heart to keep him home. Good thing he went too, since “”Kitty” and “Boo” have done nothing but fight all day, and tattle telling on each other. 12 more days of that!!! How will I survive? I am so exhausted already and I have come to realize that I really must get a grip on myself and find a system for remembering to take my iron tablets. Since the doctor told me that I must take them, A WHOLE MONTH AGO, I have only remembered to take one tablet  a week! And I who was supposed to eat them every DAY for 4 months! This is really bad. Maybe I can have T. set my mobile phone to ring or something? The problem is that I have to take them in the evening, so they do not interfere with the hypothyroidism pills that I take in the morning. Too much is going on in the evening, to remember the iron, and they’re in a cupboard that I only open in the mornings!

“Sparky” did not want to dress up as something Easter-y, this morning, but he let “Cookie” paint a face on him. I think he had a fun time. While he was at pre-school, I worked on getting a bad headache. Not difficult to do, when “Boo” and “Kitty” start up. But I have also started picking out papers for tomorrow’s scrapbooking. I have decided to go, after having stayed away from the parties for months. I just have a difficult time facing the world right now when everyone just complain about my two boys. I feel like the whole world hates me, and then I do not want to see anyone, or talk to anyone. I have chosen the photos from our visit to the “Alfons Åberg” exhibition, that we went to in July. I sent the USB-stick with T. to work and I really hope that the photo shop in Lund, can have them done till tomorrow. Otherwise I will be sooooo disappointed and not have anything to work with. Difficult to choose papers for them as well, when you don’t have them in your hand. I can hardly believe it but we took 80 photos that day! Too many! That is what happens in this world of digital cameras. One takes too many photos and then one can’t choose away any of them. All the children want me to scrapbook the photos that they are in of course. Which means, all of them.


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