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lögnenOne episode left of this VERY exciting TV series that I have followed now for weeks on end. They showed the commercials for it already during Christmas, I think, perhaps a little bit later in time. Anyway, they wanted viewers to get interested and they for sure got me interested. Till I noticed that it was going to be 50 episodes long! And at the ridiciculous time of 19:30, Monday to Friday! 50 episodes is a LOT! Too much in my opinion. But I guess, it did take that many episodes to tell the story. And according to the internet, usually a Turkish TV series have 500 episodes, so in that respect, 50 is nothing.

Since I avoided watching “24” because I thought it was too many episodes, I decided to not watch “Lögnen” or “SON” as it is called in Turkish. “The Lie” in translation. But then I did accidentally turn it on, when the second episode was being broadcast. And I was hooked. The worse part has been, going without during Saturday and Sunday, and the one week when they showed skiing competitions, three days out of the five, which prolonged how long I would have to prevent the children from watching the children’s channel, for with three days. They have hated me for turning over to channel 2 every day, in the middle of their program. They have been escorted in to the shower instead, since the latter episodes have been very violent. Daniel is out here, every day, singing along to the morbid or scary music, that is played when the actors are introduced. The theme. Yes, I am a joke in the family! Everyone mind me watching it, but “Dollie” watched last week and realized what she has missed. So, I guess I am getting a little bit understanding.

What is the fuss? Well, at first, the series was confusing, and you had to pay attention to every second. First of all, since you have to read the subtitles. Secondly, because they jumped from 2012 to 2004, to 2013, to 1999, in almost every episode. For the longest time, one just got fragments of a story and people, so I felt utterly confused for the longest time.

Photo model looking, Aylin, is happily married to the surgeon Selim, and has a 6-year-old son named Ömer. She has her own architect business with her husband’s foster brother Halil, lives in a gigantic house in Istanbul and drives a luxurious car. When the series start, her husband is flying to Germany, for a three day conference. But the plane crashes in Germany with no survivors. I am not going to throw in the 1999 happenings, 2013 that confuses one when watching this part. But as Aylin, starts to take charge of her life again, and wants the body to bury, she finds out that Selim never boarded the plane. On security cameras, she and Selim’s foster brother Ali, that is with the police, discovers that Selim went to the arrival hall, instead of departure, and greets a woman in a caring embrace, and her son. Selim, has left with another woman, and doesn’t return. And Halil, finally confesses that Selim went to Iran in 2004, had casual sex with this woman, and a while earlier in 2012, she contacted Selim to say that he is the father of twin boys and now needed help to get out of Iran. She is afraid of her husband she says. Why? Because he loves her, which she doesn’t tell Selim of course. He married her when she got pregnant, but she has kept him away from her for 6 years but now she wants to go to Norway, and live a single mother life, with her sons.

Leyla, the Iranian woman, that behaved very strangely for a Muslim woman, in my opinion, married this Majid, to not get stoned to death. Majid, had left Iran as a young boy, after his family were murdered, and grew up in Istanbul. He got a Turkis girlfriend, but when 17 years old, this girl’s father played him a record from Iran, and it made the boy return to Iran. He abandoned his girlfriend Selen, without a word, why. Selen happens to be Aylin’s best friend and comes to be a support. When staying at Aylin’s house, she gets contacted by Majid, after all those years, because she is now a famous singer with a fan page, and he needs help finding his son Fahrad, and his wife Leyla. When Leyla fled Iran with her son Fahrad, Majiid had grabbed Mehdi, the other twin, and prevented him to get on the lorry with the mother. Now Majid wanted help. He tries to go to Turkey, but get arrested at the border and ends up in prison without trial. Leyla goes back after Mehdi, while Fahrad is sent on to Norway on his own. She also gets arrested and put in to prison wihtout trial. But she manages to escape, get back to Turkey and this selfish cow, goes to look up Aylin and “makes” Aylin go to Iran to fetch her son. Aylin is led to believa that Selim has gone there to find his son Mehdi. And of course Aylin ends up in prison, since one is not allowed to cross the border as one pleases. There are other complications as well. In a riot at the prison, she manages to escape with lots of others, but Majid is killed. She does find Mehdi though and tries to get out of the country with him.

As if not all this is complicated, there are lots of other complications. It all started years earlier, at a holiday cottage. Ali, Halil and their parents were there, Selim and his twin brother Ömer, and their parents and finally the care taker and his son Kudret. Kudret was used to being abused by his father, but when Selim saw him getting hit in his face, Selim begged his parents to get to travel back to Istanbul with Kudret, to save Kudret from further beatings that day. On the way, Selim’s parents and brother Ömer, is killed by a drunk driver named Yorgo. Selim goes to live with his parents’ friends, becomes like a son in the family.

Kudret becomes “the soldier”. Hired assassin, the one that can take on any task, for the government or whoever wants his help. In 1999, Ali calls on his friend’s help. A high government official, Selen’s father, wants help with hiding an Iranian scientist that is wanted for treason. But has he really committed a crime? It seems like he has been framed by his friend, that was the real culprit. The man, is hidden away, at Ali’s family’s summer house that they never use. The scientist is nicknamed “the gardener”, since all he does is look after plants. His family is taken to the US. For weeks in the series, Ali is being shadowed, since people in the US wants to get hold of Bahman, “the gardener”. So at the same time that Ali is trying to find Selim, he also have to keep Bahman safe, keep the secret, and throw his collegue Taner, off the scent, since this young man starts getting suspicous of everyting weird that is happening.

The last couple of weeks, Selim has first been shown drugged, in Bahman’s care, at the summer house, and then he suddenly is living in a sort of bomb shelter, where Yorgo, is keeping him alive but a prisoner. He supplies him with drugs and books, and of course food as well. It’s all been very confusing. But now when there is only one episode left (HOORAY! After this freedom, I don’t have to sit glued to the TV anymore and do what I WANT!), everything is starting to make sense. Except all the things about Bahman. That was supposed to throw us all off the scent…

Maybe, I will tell everyone the sordid truth tomorrow? When it’s all over? Because when I was 20 episodes in to the series, I wanted to read how it ended. I could not take the suspense any longer. BUT I could not read the end anywhere since it’s never been show in Europe before and I do not read Turkish so no way to find out from some nice blogger there!!! It’s actually not sordid but very, very, very sad! Selim had it coming for him! Ghastly man in my opinion!!!!



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  1. Nor did I say that he IS a gardener! It’s his undercover name. But Swedish television did NOT translate what sort of research he was in to nor did they explain why he was considered a traitor in his country. And I do NOT understand a single word of Turkish so that whole part of the series was a waste on the Swedish audience!!!!!!!

  2. Nick

    Bahman is a scientist who has grown up an anti-cancer plant. He is not gardener.

  3. Sorry that I never published the finale of the season! Started thinking that noone would care whether I did or not! I guess I was wrong? Hope you enjoy reading the spoiler!!!! Disappointing end in my view.