“The Hatred of the Jews’ Black Book”

Friday 8 February 2013

“Sparky” coughed terribly when I fetched him at pre-school yesterday. And he kept on coughing bad all evening. This morning, he was laying lethargic in the living room, till his siblings had all left for school. Not until then did he join me in the kitchen, to eat his porridge. He coughed through it so I decided to keep him home. It was actually nice to not have to go out and battle all the snow and ice on the car, early in the morning. We snuggled up under blankets, he and I. He watching his “Thomas the Tank Engine” film, “The Day of the Diesels” and I, with my book.judehatetssvartabok Not a very cozy book to sit and read on any day, but a necessary one. After Easter, Daniel is starting a University course called “anti-Semitism”. That is why his gymnasium program is so very special, they get to go on trips to WWI and WWII sites, but also take some specially adapted University courses, for their program only. And this is the first one of them. The course literature is one book called “Racism” and this brick of a book, that is very difficult to translate, title wise. It’s all about anti-Semitism and its history from Antiquity to this day. 696 pages of it. I have discovered that it is so much better if I have read the book he has to review or write a report on, since I correct his papers! Easier if I know what he is trying to say, since my questions about it, makes him angry. I have no idea what the plan is for this course that they will study along with all their regular classes. Will it be a home test? Paper? What? I need to be prepared for anything, from questions to paper correcting. Besides, this is my area of study as well. It is a very good book on the history of the hatred of the Jews. Nothing is really new to me. I studied it all, during my University course on Judaism, many years ago. But it’s good to freshen up my knowledge and this is not a book that I have read before. It is also good to see how long it will take me, so I can let Daniel know when he MUST start reading it in order to finish on time. It is a heavy book. Now I will hand over a book with yellow highlighting in it, for him to benefit from, and I can tell him how many days it will take to read it. I finished 156 pages this first day of reading! If I can keep that pace, it might not seem so daunting to him, to read it.

At lunch time, I took a break. “Sparky” was standing looking out at the scenery outside and was deep in thought. I started looking out the window as well. It had been snowing all day but now the snowing had changed. The flakes were enormous and they kept coming down at a very slow speed. It was like the whole world was moving in slow motion and it was so very beautiful watching it, and not having to go outside. At 13:30, I did have to abandon my book and stand up and put the boots and coat on. Little “Sparky” was just in shirt and underwear, since he had just been to the loo, and in horror he ran up to me and said “mamma, I don’t want to go out in the snow!”. Right then an angel walked in through the door in the shape of Daniel. His last class had been cancelled, and it made me so happy that I did not have to drag little “Sparky” out in to the cold with his cough and sniffles. He was so happy when he realized that he could stay home.


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