The Day of the Semla

Yesterday was Carnival Day in the school, for the children. After an insane morning, it was nice when they finally headed out the door. “Kitty” refused to go dressed in his “Lightning McQueen” outfit and his whining got on my nerves, so finally I couldn’t care less. He walked off in his bicycle helmet, knight cape over jeans and black T-shirt with two lizards on it, and a wood sword in his hand. For half an hour, I searched through my winter boxes, for a 1940s cardigan, I knew was supposed to be in there (no room in my closet for my clothes!). “Dollie” did not settle on what to go as, until yesterday morning at 07:00!. She trodded off as “Susan” from “Narnia”. Fake fur coat and everything. “Cookie” went in “Kitty’s” clothes, as “Emil in Lönneberga” (Astrid Lindgren character). And “Boo” went as a pirate but we couldn’t find the pirate hat, so he took his gingerbread man hat. After so much stress and screaming, one doesn’t care, finally…

SemlaToday, I feel positively fat! Time to go on a diet. After dinner, we all feasted on “semlor” since it was the official starting date for them, yesterday, as well. Of course, ours were not fancy bought ones, like the ones pictured. We buy the buns, whip the cream ourselves and then cut as thin slices as possible, from a 500 gram roll of almond paste. Bought ones are alright, but the buns are always harder, the cream tastes artificial and the almond paste is more runny. They feel fattier as well somehow. The buns we buy are very fresh and soft, the cream tastes natural and of course the almond paste is more firm and tastes more. Since they feel more lightweight, one is prone to have room for more than one though. So one eats too many, and then feel like a pig the next day. Like I do, today! I think I will skip the Valentine’s pastry, that we always buy from the bakery, on the 14th. My body definitely doesn’t need it! Not after having been pregnant such a short time ago!


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