Doctor phone call # 2

Sitting thinking about “Sparky”, my doctor phoned. I took the stupid blood test 2 WEEKS ago and she waits this long to telephone. It is so rude! I don’t care how much work they have at the health clinic, I am a patient who still is not on the right dosage of medicine for my thyroid problem and thanks to that,  I lost another baby. A baby I have been trying for, for 22 months now.  Or more if one counts all the months that we tried to get pregnant with Serena, being pregnant with Serena and so forth.

When she phoned this morning, she asked me how I was feeling and I told her, not so well, tired. She told me the test results and I told her that I did not know if they had been affected by my recent pregnancy and loss of it. I could not believe my ears, when I found out that she didn’t know that thyroid problems usually cause you to miscarry in the first trimester. It is there for everyone to read all over the internet! What kind of a doctor is she???? I told her that I had not contacted her about my pregnancy, because I thought it was all sorted, that I was after all being medicated. But that I then read too late, that one needs higher dosage than I am on. I don’t know, is her answer. Perhaps. Yes, perhaps that is the case. I wanted to scream by now.

Then she tells me that I need to up the dosage more. Two pills three times a week instead of two and one the other days. But that she suspects that I will end up having to take two pills every day in the end. But she does not want to hurry things but go slowly. And then she drops the bomb. “Oh by the way, I am quitting my job so I am handing over your case to someone else here at the end of the month!”. I can’t believe this. WHO is she handing it over to? Someone that knows even less than her, or more? Why did she not tell me this in September when I started to go to her? Then I could have stayed with the original doctor that diagnosed me! What was the point of being forced to go to a doctor that only had 5 more months till retirement? I really feel like I am in the hands of quacks here. Swedish health care really is pits!

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