“Day of the Diesels”

dayofthedieselsThe on-line dvd shop called “disc shop” had free shipping last week. Friday, I finally got on the computer to check out the site, since it had suddenly dawned on me that I have never checked out what sort of child friendly films they have. Yes, I have bought Disney cartoons from them and films for the rest of the family, but never “Thomas the Tank Engine”, “Postman Pat” and innocent things like that.

The selection was poor. Most DVDs had gone out of stock, it said, OR had to be pre-booked. Go figure! But I was able to find one available “Postman Pat” film with several episodes, and this one hour film, with “Sparky’s” beloved trains. The films arrived yesterday afternoon and all three little boys sat down to watch them both. This morning, “Sparky” woke up and came running with this film right away, wanting to watch it. I told him, not before pre-school. So he was not a happy boy when we took off for pre-school. Then when he came home, he wanted to see it but he was so tired, that I felt it was no use in starting it. We took off to fetch his brothers, at 13:30, and he insisted sitting holding the DVD all the way to Lund and back (in the car). Now we have put it on. He really loves it. I haven’t watched it really, but he is totally engrossed in it because from the scenes I HAVE watched, it is exciting. Battle between the good engines of Sodor and the naughty, evil Diesel engines. Thomas neglecting his best friend Percy, because the new fire engines are so much more interesting and Percy finding new “friends” in the evil diesels. There’s a fire, a fire engine train and all of the engines having these new interactive faces. I am glad I bought this for the boys. Johannes old DVDs are nice. The stories are always good. But technology has really gone forward! These new updated Thomas films are so much more fun to watch. The colours are bright and nice and it is so fun when the engines are so much more alive. How spoiled we have got when everything have to look so much more alive, for us to feel that it is great to watch!!! The old versions feel more wholesome somehow because the message was the most important in them. And yet…


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