Lovikka mittens

lovikkavantar,-lovikka-vantarSorry for the long silence. As all of you can imagine, I don’t feel too happy nor too well. It’s been colder than cold here and it has meant lots of snow and lots of scraping ice off the car in the mornings. Since I have Reynaud’s Syndrome, which among other things means loosing the feeling in my fingers, I invested in thick wool mittens last autumn. Some army expert that works in northern Sweden, said that the only thing that keeps hands warm in extreme cold weather, is wool. He definately knew what he was talking about. These thick wool mittens are typical Swedish mittens, ((Norwegians might claim this as well) called Lovikka mittens, that I have worn since early childhood. Back then, mothers knitted them themselves. Now one buys them in a handbag shop.

With the cold, “Sparky” has finally realized that it is most unpleasant to go out in the morning without gloves or mittens. But he refuses to wear his padded mittens à la ski mittens. He has begged for my Lovikka mittens. Like I can be without in this cold! Or scrape ice without them! So he has screamed and I have tried to put his mittens on, but he has thrown those off and screamed that they are cold. Friday, we walked in to pre-school and he showed his cold hands and he pointed at my Lovikka mittens and conveyed how mean I had been to not have relinguished mine to him. Yes, bad mamma! We started talking about Lovikka mittens and that one never sees them for children. One teacher thought sporting shops have them. So I went home and looked on the internet. No, there were none. I saw people blogging about them and asking where one can buy them. No answers really. So, I got hold of a pattern, bought the special Lovikka yarn and sat all Saturday knitting. I have never knitted a mitten in my life. You have to use sock needles to do so. And that was all very fine, till I got to the thumb. I could not understand the pattern at all then. It took me 5 hours to work out how to do the first mitten and make it. The other one was made in much less time. And I had a very happy little boy Monday morning, when we headed for the hospital, wearing his brand new handknitted RED Lovikka mittens, just his size. BUT…

When “Boo” saw me knitting these for his brother, he started saying, “please mamma, knit a sweater for me!”. Monday I went in to the yarn shop to see if I could find something fun to knit for him. I came out with a funny pattern, but I am not sure if he will like what I am making for him. It’s wool yarn and it is not getting soft and cuddly,  like I had hoped. It’s made of four different colours, red, yellow, blue and olive green. Half the front is blue, half green, the front of the sleeve is yellow on one side of the body, with a red backside, and the reverse on the other side of the body. What makes it even more playful is that the seams are on the outside. It might end up looking too crazy, be too warm to wear inside and be too stiff. But at least he sees me making something for him and he needs to see that we care right now, since he is having such an awful time in school. I will see if I can get someone to scan in the picture of the pattern here so all of you can see why I thought it so perfect for my playful little boy.

Now “Cookie” says that she also wants something knitted. They are really taking advantage of the fact that I am depressed and bleeding so much that there isn’t much else for me to do, than to sit still and knit. But I must say that my fingers are unused to all the knitting. I am half way on “Boo’s” sweater and my finger tips are so sore that I have had to take a break today. IF I decide to make something for “Cookie”, then I definately want to make something out of a soft, soft yarn and preferably with very thick needles.



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