The Ideas of a Child

Yesterday morning, I was ironing our clothes for Church since it was not something that got done Saturday evening. While standing in the kitchen doing this, I heard Daniel chase “Sparky” out of the laundry room. “Sparky” screamed and I asked why. Daniel answered “He has no business in the laundry room!”. I answered him quickly “Leave him alone! He goes in to poop there!”. Then I started snickering to myself because I realized how insane it sounded or would sound to others. And I stood there contemplating how quickly we just accept our children’s ideas of doing things. When I realized that “Sparky” was not in the laundry room to be naughty, but that he goes in there for privacy, to poop alone in his nappy, and then comes out and immediately tells me that he has pooped, then I just resigned to facts. Fine, if that is how he wants to do things, I guess I will just have to let him do things his way. I have told him and shown him that one poops in the loo but he is not interested. He takes off his underwear, puts on a night nappy all by himself and goes to poop in the laundry room. I guess it’s just how he is going to do things for time being. I have other things to worry about.

He really is a funny little boy. He insists on keeping his soother. I bought this one kind of keeper cord for it when he was a baby, and that is the only kind he wants for it. He will not take a soother without that one particular kind of cord attached to it. He will only take a latex soother and not silicone. He hates when the cord is attached to his clothes because he wants it loose hanging, so he can sit and fold or twirl the cord! We have three cords now with soothers attached, since they are always on the loose , thanks to them not being attached to his clothes. It’s a nightmare when he screams for a “MIMMI”, which is his own very name for a soother, and we can’t find a single one of the three. Daniel gets aggressive and asks why we always have to search for Mimmis, why he always has to loose them and the entire family searching desperately while “Sparky” stands crying. I agree, it’s mad but “Sparky” does love his mimmis.

The Mimmi is not his only fetish! The other day he refused to eat dinner because he had taken off his beloved bib somewhere and we could not find it, so T. put another kind on him. He wants the soft waxcloth bib I bought for him about a year and a half ago. He has really come to love that one. Today I found it among the clean clothes on the sofa that waited to be sorted. I have no idea how it got in to that pile but he was so happy and laughed, and agreed to have porridge for breakfast since he would be appropriately attired for it!

He has also started to hate some of his shirts and trousers and takes them off as soon as I have put them on and will walk around naked till I offer him something that he likes instead. Talk about being a little fashion lion so early in life! Problem is that the clothes that he DOES love, he doesn’t want put in the laundry but would like to wear them for days. Not possible since he spills food on himself every day even with the bib on, since it of course doesn’t shield legs and sleeves. No, he is turning more and more opinionated and voicing it. Come to think about it, his oldest brothers were also very, very opinionated about their clothes. Johannes didn’t ever agree to wear anything but jeans. And Daniel never ever agreed to wearing jeans but insisted on soft sweats or velour trousers. “Dollie” didn’t want to wear pink while that has been the only colour that “Cookie” wanted to wear for years. Now she will put on anything really, but we had a very, very long pink period. Not that I minded since I love everything pink. I guess it is a good thing when a child knows what they want and doesn’t want? As long as it doesn’t go too far and leads to being spoiled and a general nuisance to others.

Going back to “Sparky”. He is funny with all his little ideas/idiosyncrasies and while some things on some days makes me want to rip my hair, for the most part I can’t help laughing and feeling that there is something very dear about it. I guess I feel that way since I know he will grow out of it all and THEN we will remember it with fondness and miss it. Most of the time it after all brings a smile to my face. It sure makes life more exciting.


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