Sleeping, Reading and TV-watching

What is it with Christmas vacation and not feeling like doing anything? It’s really terrible when one thinks about how much TV one watches over the holidays. And how the channels choose to broadcasting really nice things over Christmas instead of spreading them out over the year. It feels like I am not doing anything this holiday except feel tired, watch TV and eat things I should not. Going to bed too late as well of course since many of the programs are on so late. Like New Year’s Eve, when they started “Funny Girl” at 23:15. We took a break 23:57 to hear Tennyson’s poem about the New Year’s Bell and then going out to see all the fireworks in the pouring rain. But then it was back to the film till well after two o’clock. How the little ones could get up at 6:00 is beyond me. But then they soon were very cranky.

Last night I watched an absolutely fascinating program on the Royal Jewels. Most of the ones they showed were Danish or Swedish. And a majority stemmed from the court of Napoleon, of course. They have traveled a lot around Europe since it seems like mothers were more adamant that the jewels should go to their daughters, than for the jewels to stay in the royal house were they maybe belonged. One set they talked a lot about was the one Crown Princess Mary of Denmark now wears:rubingarnityret The ruby tiara, necklace and earrings made for Desirée, for the crowning of Napoleon. She was engaged to him, till her dad put a stop to it, since he felt that Napoleon was poor, an upstart that would never amount to anything. Right! Instead he had her married off to Napoleon’s marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. Napoleon had 18 of them and he lent all of them money so they could have tiaras and so forth made for their wives, since he wanted the coronation to be magnificent. This is what Bernadotte made for his wife, the future queen of Sweden.  This ruby set. It was fascinating to hear all the stories, and how the royals have changed the jewels shape to fit their own looks and so forth. Crown Princess Mary did not like the way it laid flat on her head, so she took some things off and made it stand up like  a crown instead. Listening to her was a new experience though. Someone must have told her that you can not be a Crown Princess and speak with an Australian accent, so she speaks very slowly and carefully to avoid slipping in to it. The result is an odd one where she speaks with a Danish accent combined with a British one and then the Australian one, fighting to get in. Bizarre!

The children whined though over me hogging the TV for this program shown at the same time as their children’s programs. I sent them out to the computer to watch them, which meant chasing Daniel off since he lives by it now during the holidays, playing war games! When I had watched that beautiful program, that will continue today, so there will be whining again, I moved on to watching “The Bletchley Circle” set in 1952 London. Four women that worked at Bletchley Park, are not so happy about what happened to them after the war. Once they could foresee the German troop movements in advance, and now they live the most ordinary lives. One is a bored mother of two, whose only excitement is listening to the radio news. One is bullied by a mean husband. One is a librarian and the fourth, works in a café. Not what they all envisaged for themselves. But a serial murder is on the loose in London and they start seeing a pattern like they did with the German codes, so they set out to find the killer. For me it is exciting to just sit and study their hairdos, their clothes, shoes and everything around. I love it! Two more episodes to go!

Otherwise I have tried to start reading one of my many Christmas books. “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles. “Dollie” gave it to me artighetsreglernafor Christmas. She had bought little things for everyone but could not find anything cheap for me. The supermarket was selling this for just 39 kronor which is very little for a book in this country. I had read on the back that it would be about 1930s New York and thought I would like it. I am having a difficult time reading it when I need new glasses so bad. You can’t alter the font size in a paper book, to the font your eyes need! Which really makes me like my kindle more and more. And then the storyline has also turned very sad. Two girls that share room, have met a rich man named (Theodor) Tinker Grey. The beautiful mid-west girl Eve Ross has told her room mate that he is hers. But Katey Kontent from New York does not quite want to ignore him or leave him to her friend. As a matter of fact, one feels that he likes Katey better. Till they all are in a car crash and Eve’s face is cut up. He feels responsible and have her move in with him so he can look after her. She gets what she wants in other words, and it has made me so mad that I have quit reading it for the moment. Life really isn’t fair! I guess for “Dollie’s” sake I must finish the book no matter how unfair the story will be to Katey, who is the nice girl. The book is supposed to be about 1938 when Tinker goes from riches to rags. The book actually starts with Katey going to a photo exhibition in 1958 and sees two old photos of Tinker sitting in the New York “tube”. I think I should have started on one of my other books that I received. Johannes gave me a lovely book on the real life women of “Downton Abbey”, but the print is SO small, I must have new glasses to read it. Or I have to play Sherlock Holmes and sit with a magnifying glass to read it? It’s really sad when your eyesight goes down hill.


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