Downton Abbey Christmas Special

We all sat down to enjoy this longed for episode and me thinking it would be a happy episode like last year’s, had brought out the chocolate box I bought before Christmas for a special occasion. This was going to be a special occasion. Or so I thought. Now when the program is over, I am sitting in shock wondering why I put all those chocolate pieces in my mouth, that I will now have to try to get off my body, for nothing. There was hardly any happiness at all. Lord and Lady Grantham takes their two daughters, son-in-law and a select group of servants to Scotland, to see a cousin. In the middle of summer. The cousin’s marriage is in shambles. Their daughter Rose, previously shown as a naughty girl, in season three, being bullied by her mother. As if this was not bad to watch, the fact that lady Edith is on the brink of having an affair with her boss at the magazine, was a sad turn of the storyline.

The series is starting to resemble a soap opera. People are not allowed to be happy for more than two seconds and then misery hits them in the face again. Cook Patmore falls in love with the grocery supplier, only to be informed that he is a womanizer and only wanted her for her cooking. Homosexual Thomas takes a beating for the footman that had him reported to the police for misconduct. But worse of all, for a couple of scenes, we got to delight in the happiness and love of Matthew and Lady Mary. See how his love for her grows every day. She gives birth to their little prince and then slam…! On the way from the hospital, feeling “like he has fireworks exploding inside him”, Matthew crashes the car and DIES!!! To be honest, I don’t feel like watching season four when it premieres this autumn! Frankly, I don’t want to sit and see a Lady Mary mourn her beloved and spoil her son rotten at the same time as being overprotective. Because that is what is going to happen. I can understand that the actor did not want to renew his contract but it ruins the series. They might as well just have  killed him off in the trenches then. That would have been more natural than getting killed minutes after he has held his newborn son in his arms. That is too cruel. At least in my book. The series holds nothing for me from now on. I guess I just have to sit and see the previous seasons on DVD again, over and over again. When the goal was for Lady Mary and Matthew to get together.deadmatthew


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