Christmas baking while nauseous!

“Boo” woke us this morning at 4:30, telling us that “Kitty” was vomiting. T. had to get up and clean it up since it was all over the floor upstairs and he had to send a disappointed “Boo” downstairs to his own bed, since we don’t want him to get sick as well. He was having a sleepover in his brother’s room since they finished school yesterday.

I am nauseous too, so I felt that instead of heading to town, for last minutes Christmas shopping, I had to get as much of the Christmas baking done. Before I perhaps stand with my head down the loo as well. Now I am sitting waiting for T. to get back from the supermarket since I ran out of margarine, eggs and milk. BUT I have got a majority of the cookies and cakes baked. I dread all the baking every year since I get so exhausted, but if one works hard, it doesn’t have to take an entire day. When I baked the lussekatter_22852576“lussekatter” last week, everyone had wanted to help out, but when I started, the only one joining me, was “Sparky”. He watched my every move and was totally fascinated! He chatted up a storm about what I was doing. Today, I have so far had help from “Cookie”, who peeled the almonds for one kind of cake, called green squares. And “Boo” helped me grind them. He’s helped me grind for another kind of cookie as well, called almond “skorpor”, while we are waiting for the margarine. “Sparky” meanwhile has been at a Christmas party at pre-school all morning.

Teenage diva is just laying on a sofa listening to a boy band on her MP3 player. After a lot of nagging, I finally got her to change the covers on the sofas, since they need to be washed. She only did so since she hates those covers and got to put on the green ones. black pigWe bought a funny pig to have on the sofa, yesterday (but ours in red colours!). So now the sofas look nice and clean, but the floor is covered with down feathers. She will NOT vacuum for me though. That is asking too much. I told Daniel, who just got home from school, that there was a red pig on the sofa. I think he wondered if I meant his sister, dressed in red pyjamas  (even though it is 13:38), or the little one from Hemtex!


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