20 Sweet Little Angels

stearinljusThe news have just hit us from the US about the 20 little children that were massacred in Connecticut yesterday. It makes me so angry to hear it. While I lived in the US I sent a check every month to the people fighting the NRS. We were poor students and could not really be without that money, but I thought the worse thing about the US, is the violence, the violence that is protected by the law. And now, there is once again proof of that my money did nothing, the fighting against a law that came about when there were British and Indians to fight, is still as strong or should I say, the sentiment is still as strong. I left the US 20 years ago, and those guns everywhere, was a big reason to why I hated to live there so much. After every shooting, this stupid discussion comes up, but nothing ever happens.

I am sure that Obama felt sorry. Who can not feel sorry? Well, perhaps the old geezer interviewed by Swedish reporters, does not. A politician from Georgia that stated that in his constituency, they tell everyone to buy a gun to protect their property. Which century are these people living in? Property? Who do they think is going to storm in? Buffalo Bill? Billy the Kid? WHO? It’s not 1791 anymore!!!!!

The parents of these 20 little innocent angels, are sitting in houses decorated for  Christmas. Their mothers have probably already bought all the Christmas presents and placed them in their closets, just like I have. Now they have to face empty rooms, decorated for the festive season when families are supposed to be together, believe in the future and spend a cozy time together, and they have to sit and plan funerals instead. Instead of enjoying the warm spirit of Christmas they have to sit with a cold lump in their chests. And the little ones that were expecting Santa to arrive in ten days, they are no more. Their smiles will not be seen on Christmas Day morning when they enter the room with the tree and their eyes will not sparkle with happy anticipation.

And to start speaking of autism and mental health of the shooter. Excuse me, I don’t have all the info. There are more news in the world than this, BUT they did say that the mother that he killed, before he started his killing spree, was the owner of the murder weapon. What sort of mother owns a lethal weapon? And worse yet, if you have a son with mental problems, what makes you go out and get a weapon in the first place? How are you going to keep an eye on the weapon and the son with problems, at the same time? The grown ups of America asked for this! They who can do something about it. They who can stop the insanity of it all. They who could stand up and say that we live in 2012 and that it’s time to leave the law to the law officials.



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  1. http://abcnews.go.com/US/okla-woman-shoots-kills-intruder911-operators-shoot/story?id=15285605

    this is an article from the beginning of the year, a young mother shot an intruder to protect her baby and herself.

  2. This tragedy is one of the most horrible and sickening news articles. I heard about it while still at work, and I could hardly make it through the rest of the afternoon. It is senseless, and evil and just disgustingly baffling that some one could gun down innocent people, especially little children. The shooter was certainly mentally ill, no one with a healthy mind could do such a thing. However, I disagree with you on the gun laws. The ”bad” guys, the drug addicts, the criminals , will always have guns. Guns being illegal will not stop criminals from having them. I dont think every US citizen should have a gun to protect themselves, but I think we should have that right. By law, we do have that right. Taking it away from us wont stop the murders. 3 of my 5 kids own guns, for protection and hope they never have to use their guns on another human. They have had gun safety training, acquired permits and follow the laws. I am thinking about getting one. I have never been afraid, but lately, I am. What is wrong with wanting to protect myself? If someone entered my home , and was going to rape or murder me, I want to be able to stop them. There is no other way. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will just leave us vulnerable and unprotected.