I have had enough of snow and the fan belt!

The snow really is putting a halt to my life. Or should I say, fear of the snow is. Yesterday, I fetched “Kitty” at school but of course had my two other stomach flu sick children in the car. Driving home at 14:00 was a nightmare. The snow blowing in to rifts on the road and I feared for the evening’s drive to “Cookie’s” dance. It was just as bad as I thought. I did want to tell her that I did not want to go but then I remembered that 1) I had to buy binders for Primary and Mondays are the only days I can shop 2) the shirt I saw on sale for “Dollie” last Monday, might still be in the shop? 3) “Dollie’s” excellent ballet teacher was jumping in substituting and how sad for her to do so if all girls decided to stay home because of the snow storm! So off we went.

We survived last night. But then came today! I held my two youngest at home again, to make sure their stomachs are alright, but also because I fear the snow on the drive up hill to pre-school. I did not think I had to fear our parking lot! I went out early to scrape the car, so I could go to the library and fetch a book for “Cookie”, head for the developmental talk with her teacher and then fetch “Kitty” at 14:00. There was no ice so happily I sat down in the car, backed up like I have to, to get out and then started driving forward to turn to the left and down our road. Only the car was stuck in the snow. I ran in and asked Daniel to help. He got a shovel out and tried to remove snow but I was still stuck. The wheels just spun around. The postman arrived and tried to help Daniel push me loose or forward but no success. Daniel got a garden rake and continued to try to get away all snow and ice under it. 25 minutes went past and I only had 15 minutes now to make it to Lund! On snowy roads. I phoned T. and asked if he could phone and tell the teacher that either I would not come at all or very late. Great to just stand there smack dab in the middle IF a snowplow was to show up during the afternoon against all reason! How much could they take away with a big Toyota bus standing there in the middle of everything.

Suddenly Daniel and I got the car loose and I was on my way. Only to find out in Lund that T. never made the phone call. How embarrassing! And what about tomorrow? How do I get the car out to go and drop “Sparky” off? And then fetch him? Fetch his brothers? And I have to go and take a blood test for my thyroid tomorrow! I had to cancel today since I did not want to bring two boys with ants in their pants! I MUST go there tomorrow. I hate having to worry about how I am going to get out of my own parking lot, on top of everything else, like all the places I need to go to and be on time for! Life was difficult enough without the snow.

As if things were not bad enough today, when I drove home, the police were blocking both sides of the road. They stopped all of us and had us stand by the curb. Why? Alcohol test! I really got upset. Daniel home babysitting his stomach flu sick brothers, me nauseous and “Kitty” says, “I am going to scream to the police that you don’t drink alcohol!”. I wheezed at him to close his window and that the police never care what one says. Everyone has to blow. 20 minutes later, no feeling in my toes, it was my turn and of course, as usual, I made the machine break so I had to do it over and over.  How can this happen every time I have to take a test like that? Evil breath or what?

The little policeman then cheerfully said “drive home carefully”. I put my license away and started up the car. For the past six months our car screams like a pig going to slaughter, when started and for a couple of kilometers, and then it starts sounding like it every time I pass human beings, it seems. Well, there I started up my car and drove by the three police officers who just turned and STARED in shock! I was waiting for them to jump in to their car and chase after me with the juice blender on. To tell me that I am not allowed to drive around sounding like that. I had a speech prepared that “yes, it’s my fan belt but my husband is a lazy bum and will not spray it with regular intervals since he doesn’t suffer from the noise, hardly ever traveling in the car himself, and the garage people say they can’t fix it!”. They did not chase after me! They got busy pulling over more people. Daniel wondered though where on earth I had got to. Why does one get out of bed some days?



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