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Last week, The Book Depository, sent out an e-mail that they were going to have another “Deal of the Hour” thing today. It wasn’t long ago that they had one of these things, and that time I bought several Christmas presents that now lay wrapped in my closet. I had decided to NOT even LOOK today because it really is addicting. You decide to go to bed and bag looking at what they are releasing the next hour, and then you just have to see what it is. What if it is something really funny and really cheap? Likewise, I have turned on the computer at 6:00 in the morning feeling that I have missed all sorts of things by being asleep but what if my dream book comes at that horrible hour? Well, when I turned in at the parking lot today, after having hit a tree over by the supermarket, thanks to fatigue and ill parked cars (now when we can’t see the stripes under the snow people park in any way possible), I started to think about it and that it would be fun to just look at 15:00’s offer and then take a nap. But getting inside, and “Boo” not knowing where the remote control to the TV was, and him and “Kitty” starting to fight and scream, well, let’s say I could forget about the well needed nap. “Boo” turned on the TV today at 6:30 and noone can watch it now since the remote is the only thing that can make the digital box react. I turned on the computer of course and I am upset with myself now since it is 21:00 and I am still looking at the hourly deals! And not only looking. I have bought T. another Christmas present even though I was done shopping noworseenemyfor him! And I have bought one for myself as well. (The one pictured. Of course I am not stupid enough to show a Christmas present.) It will probably be a terrible read but after seeing Gavin and the choir program from Britain, and seeing his latest choir of British Marine/Commando wives that sit and worry every day about their husbands in Afghanistan, I feel like I want to know what these men have to go through!

I must go to bed now and not stay up to see what’s offered at 22:00! It’s probably just a stupid cookbook anyway. I wish they would not be offered since they are no fun. Fascinating to see who buys them though! The Book Depository shows a map and who bought what from which country. People from the most unlikely countries buy these cook books. It always makes me wonder: What do they look like? What made THAT person feel “I must have that book!”. And some people really read weird books. You wonder how they found out about them, how they found them and made the decision that they must read that particular weird book.

I’ll try to get on the computer tomorrow and tell where “Sparky” and I were all day today. What had me so terribly fatigued. Too late to tell tonight. Especially since I also have a headache after eating the candy that St. Nicholas left in my shoe this morning!!! When is he going to remember that I get a headache from sugar?


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