Open House

20 October 2012

I left “Sparky” with Daniel, and the rest of us headed for school this morning. “”Boo” included. I spent the first lesson in “Cookie’s” German class which was fun. Then I went to “Boo’s” classroom and saw them all paint pictures about trolls, which has been the theme that they have worked on since they started school. During the lunch break, I sat down and ate bread rolls that I had brought with me, and read my book about Bletchley Park. I did not want to go in to the cookie table in the dining hall. They charge 3Dollars+/2 Euros+ for the cookies but one dose of migraine medicine cost 17 Dollars/11 Euros, and the day after I have eaten sugar/cookies, I get a migraine like a bill in the post. Not worth it in other words, even though people make the most delicious cakes and cookies for this thing. T. pointed out to me a couple of days ago that I cost too much, me and my medicines. This after I discovered his recent purchase of a new mobile phone! The second in one year! And when the garage bill from June still is not paid off, nor our Normandy trip! And he balls me out for there not being enough money left over, when the bills have been paid. I am not the one that whips out the credit card over and over again. He and his family never knew what it meant to SAVE UP for things! Before buying them! After all, that is why his dad divorced his mother, because she couldn’t stop shopping on credit, always keeping them in debt.

After my cheap lunch, that cost all of 70 cents/less than 50 cents (Euros), I sat down in “Kitty’s” class to be in on his Swedish lesson, going through vowels. Then it was time for the performances in the big hall. All three performed at their best. Both “Kitty” and “Cookie” singing solos. It was afterwards that it got sad. Every year, they have let the children go down to the dining hall and eat three cookies/cakes each, as a reward for a well done day. This year, the teachers sent them down as usual,  but when I went in with them, we found out that this year the parent association were charging the children the same rate as the parents and siblings not attending the school! And they lied and said they have always done so. I had no cash in my purse what so ever!!!! One parent gave “Kitty” a piece of soft ginger bread. And then the head master gave him 1 Euro/1 1/2 Dollar, which he happened to have in his trouser pocket. But “Cookie” sat and cried. She had so much looked forward to eating nummy things. I felt horrible! And angry at the changed policy! It is US parents that stand and bake, waste our ingredients and electricity and then WE have to pay to eat our own things. In my case, it would have cost me 17 Dollars/11 Euros to let my five children eat.  What did I do? Well, T. had never handed in our contribution! He had just left it in the boot of the car. So I brought all children out to the car and let them eat it all, out there! But “Cookie” was still upset. Not funny to eat the same thing when she had planned on taking three different things. I agree with her, my solution was not funny,  but it was the best I could do.

We headed home and I sat down and wrote speeches for the children that they are to give in Church the 28 October, when the children take over sacrament meeting. Dress Rehearsal tomorrow! When dinner was done, and we were ready to sit down and eat, I received a mobile phone call on “the Diva’s” phone. Yes, T. lets her have one since her friend gave her, her old one. It was my mum’s old school mate Ulla-Britt. Long sigh! An hour later, the children had eaten up all the food and all that was left for me, was my lettuce that I was supposed to have had in my tacos! Thanks! Rather rude to not ask me if it was convenient to talk. And to phone right at dinner time at that! I guess 77 year old people eat at other times than families with small children? Our conversation will have to become another blog post. That evening, to cheer “Cookie” up, I let her watch “Lord of the Rings”. The first part. I don’t know why? Because she has been whining about the others in her class, having to to see it. But she just sat and asked questions through the whole thing so that me and “the Diva” got irritated. When she asks one question, she misses the answer for the next questions she has. Strange watching it again after so many years. I guess, the interest is back again in  the films now since Lego has introduced Lord of the Rings Lego. “Cookie” and “Kitty” both want the boxes. HE was not allowed to watch the film with us!


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