What does the dog-collar stand for today?

Yesterday, I went to H&M while “Cookie” was dancing, to return a T-shirt I bought, to wear under a lace blouse. Colour did not work. “Sparky” needed sweat trousers but they did not have any funny colours in his size. I moved on the the young girl section and saw this cute sweater in mint green with a grey bow by the neck. I decided to buy it for “Cookie” since it said “Sweet and Cute” on it. But then I had to find something for “the Diva” as well, since she gets so enormously jealous. I finally settled on a forest green sweater with a big collar, since she went off to school looking like a sleaze. I don’t understand her? I have given her nice things from my own collection of clothes, the ones in size medium that are too big for me anyway (bought because they did not have a smaller size), and also nice things bought for her especially. And then she goes off to school in a blue tank top with tooth paste stains, black sweat bottoms and sweatshirt jacket. If they had had a sports day, I would have understood but they didn’t. She looked disgusting. And then Johannes jacket on top! She who always goes off in sausage skin type clothes so I have to order her to put something more modest on.

When I stood in the queue to return the T-shirt and pay for the other items, this female priest runs in through the door and jumps the queue! I couldn’t believe it. She demanded to know where they were holding a green suit jacket for her, upstairs or downstairs. We all stared at her. What a behaviour from someone wearing a dog collar. She got hysterical when the person at the cashier would not deal with her needs and wants, before the rest of us. Finally that person had to give her the stupid jacket that had been put on hold so she could go off and try it on. She would not stop her hysterics otherwise.  The one that had to stand to the side and wait, was me of course. I who had a child at dance, wondering where I was. A child that gets scared when I am not where I am supposed to be!

Then this morning, I witnessed another bizarre priestly behaviour on TV. This homosexual man has just published a book, first of three, about the 1980s and what he calls the gay plague. In translation it would be called “Don’t dry any tears without wearing rubber gloves”. It’s about his own experiences and his friends. They have also filmed it for TV. Yesterday they broadcast the first episode and I quickly changed channel. No way I am going to watch homosexual porn (or porn whatsoever!).  On TV this morning, at “After 10”, the hostess had a female Swedish State Church Priest as a guest. I only watched a couple of minutes. She had worked with lots of the young men that had come out of the closet in those years and who caught IHV and died of AIDS. Her own son being one of them. What amazed me was when she received the question: “How did you cope with the grief of seeing all these people die of AIDS, even your son?”. What answer would you expect from someone sitting in a dog collar? I know what I expected! I coped thanks to my faith. But that is not what came out of this woman’s mouth! No, she coped thanks to HER DOGS! And going to a worldly counselor. Is that pathetic or what? It is so taboo in this country to ever mention FAITH, GOD, CHURCH, that not even a person with a dog collar, that is supposed to work for the big man above, dares to do so! They have to be politically correct. Or is she and the one I met at H&M last night, among those that adhere to “Humpy’s” view in the old BBC show “Yes, Prime Minister”? (“Humpy” to the left in picture.) There is an episode when they are trying to find a new Arch Bishop. Humphrey, the Civil Servant, has one man in mind. And the Prime Minister does not agree, saying “but he doesn’t even believe in Jesus/God (Can’t recall exact wording)!”. Humphrey looks at him in amazement and says “What does God have to do with being an Arch Bishop?!”. And the Prime Minister says that he always thought that a man of the cloth was supposed the believe, have a faith in God. Humphrey informs him that it is not so. Looking at the Swedish State Church priests, I am more and more convinced that it is just a job for them and that it has nothing to do with faith. It would agree with the view I got, when studying Judaism at the University. It’s a religion history course that all students studying to become priests in the Swedish State Church, has to take. I was the only non-priest-student in the course. I got to know two women fairly well. They had both been to Israel, and walked around with necklaces from Jerusalem with the chai sign. I found it beautiful till I found out exactly WHY they were wearing them, those two women. They were almost ready to graduate and both were thinking about converting to Judaism. I asked them about the wasted time, getting a priest degree. They just looked at me and could not understand why it would be wasted? They intended to work as priests in the Swedish State Church. But, I said in my mind, being a Christian priest and at the same time being  Jewish and denying that the Messiah is the Son of God, how can that work? What sermons would they preach? Not heartfelt ones, that is for sure. I was shocked to say the least and decided to not discuss it further. They saw no problems at all. It was too insane and I have not got over our conversation, even though it took place ages ago! Not strange that Sweden is the most secular country in the world! When the priests don’t even believe in what they teach, how can they get followers? And I guess they have forgot that when they put that dog collar on, at least some of us, at least us that was at H&M last night, expect a certain behaviour. The dog collar does shout out “I follow Jesus” just like the veil of the Muslim women shouts out “I follow Muhammad”. Maybe time to do away with the dog collar when there no longer is a belief in the golden rule? When there is no belief that they are supposed to behave like Jesus’ disciples. That believing in him, means following HIS example. And, that faith sort of is a per-requisite for it all or else, what is the point!


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