Mum’s 77th Birthday!

All day yesterday, I did not know what to do? Phone her or not phone? Did I want screaming about the court case??? I spent all day in the bedroom packing away my summer clothes. The weather definitely is autumn weather and since I am cold all the time, I need warmer things out to wear now. Winter sure is on it’s way!

But noone went to the supermarket and got food for dinner till very late. I did not think I had to nag about that when I was busy in the bedroom with my boxes. (Too little room, so one season always have to be in boxes when the other season is in the closet.) So at 19:00 we still had not eaten. T. had put fish in the oven before he left for the supermarket, to buy all things he forgot the first time around. He can’t even follow a simple shopping list! When Daniel, who was in charge of peeling potatoes, finally got them on to the stove, the fish was ready. I stood and kept watch over them. They were boiling over and since we have a long crack on the ceramic top, it means that the water can get down in to the stove and short circuit the entire thing. Blow a fuse if not exploding. Or whatever happens when water get in to it. THEN my mum phones. I dreaded taking the phone. But believe it or not. She was lucid. In a very happy mood as a matter of fact. She had just got home from active seniors and they had surprised her with celebrating her Birthday. I felt such a relief. That she had not sat alone at home, having forgot all about it. And that she actually gets out to something! That she goes to active seniors even if noone of them comes home to visit her or socialize with her outside the set activities. So, she was happy. And she thanked me for the cards we had sent her. She thought the cards had arrived yesterday, but I told her that post is not delivered on Saturdays. She did not understand that she had forgot to empty her post box Friday. But who cares? She was happy yesterday and she did not remember to throw any accusations at me. Hopefully she has put the papers in a drawer and will forget them there!? Our conversation was a short one since she was on her way upstairs to watch TV and I had potatoes getting ready to be mashed. And a starving family to feed. Such a relief to have an almost normal conversation with me. She told me four times that she had been celebrated at Active Seniors, but THAT I can put up with. It’s when it gets up to ten times that it becomes too much. And the trustee & court case topic and going through that equally many times in a conversation. THEN my patience is tested beyond capacity.

So HAPPY Birthday mum! (What will her brain be like in a year?)

(Photo was taken over two years ago, when my sister’s family was here. One can see my dress on the left and a little bit of blonde hair. My sister’s dark hair can be seen on right. She is not as camera shy as me, but I decided to cut us both out of the picture. My ugly face would shut down the entire web I’m afraid!!!)


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