Too Much To Ask?

Not only did I discover Friday, that “Cookie” started at 8:00 which meant I had to drive 2 boys to school that morning. And they fight when I am in the shower and when they sit on the same row in the car. Somehow I got everyone out in reasonable time and order, and ordered “Boo” to sit on “Kitty’s” place in the left back corner of the car, and ordered “Kitty” to sit on the second row but in the opposite position so they could NOT reach each other rand hit each other. Traumatic for “Kitty” to give up his seat for “Boo” but I would have ended up in the ditch otherwise. But then I received a phone call from a panicked Daniel who had forgot the paper that he was supposed to have handed to the photographer at school who was taking school photos. But I sorted that out as well and quickly filled out the form on the internet instead, as soon as I got back home, just before he was due to be photographed. So far so good.

Then when I got to school in the afternoon to fetch the boys, I meet “Cookie” in the door wearing jeans and a pink tunic, telling me that she would have to be dressed like that for gym class because she had forgot her gym clothes. I don’t know how I reacted so quickly but I told her to come with me and we went up to “Boo’s” box by his classroom. All F-class children have to have spare clothes in their boxes in case they have “accidents”. I told her that she is so skinny that she could use his size 122 cl clothes for gym. Red Spiderman sweat bottoms and a neon green T-shirt. She was horrified at putting on boys’ clothes but I told her that gym class is in no way a beauty contest and this father said that there are female super heroes as well. So she took them. One more catastrophe sorted out. She was shocked that she could wear a 6-year old’s clothes but he is heavy bone structured while she is petite and skinny like a fish finger. Didn’t surprise me one bit.

At 14:20 I fetched Daniel from school so he could babysit his three younger brothers while I ran in to the shopping center to try a dress on. I had seen it on Monday but not in size small. But it went all the way down to the knees and how often does one find a dress that does that, nowadays? So I had them hold a medium and we ran over there. I left them all in the car while I ran in the pouring down rain to go try the dress. It was a little bit big but is knitted so maybe it will shrink in the wash a little? It’s a wool dress. But before I could get to a changing room and had paid and so forth, the clock had ticked on a little bit. I got to the car and “Boo” screamed that he was peeing on himself so I had to run in with him quickly. Finally done, I sat down in the car to drive us all home. It was 15:15. And the car was dead! I could not start it up. “Kitty” started crying thinking we would stay there all night. I can’t connect jump start cables so had I gone out to find someone to help us, it would have done no good. Other people never know how they are supposed to be connected and here in Sweden they all think that it will make their battery die so they are not likely to help you! So I started phoning T. that had not even left work! He was leaving then and said he would be in Lund 16:30 and by us, around 16:45. Not so. He got to Lund 16.40 and not to us till 17:15. I was chilled to the bone. The windows were all fogged up. The boys fighting. And here comes the saddest part of all. Thursday, I had found the dress on the internet in size small. But I would have had to pay over 5 Euros/8 Dollars in shipping, so I decided to save that money. But since the boys were fighting, and I can’t bring them in to a mall since they just misbehave and run, I went in and bought them ice cream. It just gave them more energy to fight! And guess what? I paid more than 5 Euros/8 Dollars for the ice creams and then I did not even get one! So I spent that money after all and I got the wrong size of dress. Plus a dead car battery and getting to sit and freeze hour after hour listening to screams. When T. arrived, he and
Daniel pushed the car out of the parking  slot because I was surrounded by two very closely parked cars and facing a wall. But I could not move the steering wheel that was locked so now I just stood and blocked all traffic! T. asked everyone for over half an hour if they would help us. Everyone shook their heads and told him they did not have the time. One man sat and waited for his family in his car for half an hour and HE DID NOT HAVE THE TIME EITHER. Daniel was angry as a bee. I told him that it was because T. is a foreigner. We sat and talked about us needing a good Samaritan but we did not see any Arabs about. I mean, they are the least likely to help just as the good Samaritan was. Finally T. phoned the AAA but since his membership card was stolen in Paris we couldn’t get any help. I told him to phone our bishop. It took a while for the bishop to find someone that lived close enough to help us. It felt like an angel showed up when one of the members drove up and stepped out in the pouring rain to help us. He looked worried till he noticed that T. knew exactly what to do. Daniel had asked how long it would be before the battery would work. He would not believe me when I told him 2 seconds! When he saw that I was right he became livid with the entire Swedish nation, that would not help us when it was such a small thing to do for someone. Welcome to the world son!

The worse part was when “Cookie” phoned me at 16:55 asking if we would be there all night. She had phoned an hour earlier when she got home, wondering where the always present mamma was? At 16:55 she phoned to ask if she should go with “the Diva” to ballet because she did not dare to be home alone. She has never been alone before. I told her that why would she got out in the cold and rain, when she could sit warm and snug at home watching a film or reading a book. She said she was too scared. I told her in a not so happy voice that she is soon to be 12 years old and it’s time! That when I was 11, my mum was never home but always at the hospital with my dad. I was alone all the time and if I could do that, so could she. Poor thing. Rude awakening! But I was pleased that she was alright when we finally walked in at home, at 18:30, sitting watching “My Fair Lady”. I had left at 13:30. Five hours later, “Sparky” was finally allowed to get out of his car seat. Poor thing was positively wild and just ran around to get to feel the freedom in his legs. I on the other hand was chilled to the bone. The thyroid does that to me. I couldn’t feel my toes. T. made me hot chocolate. Found my lambswool booties. I put on all warm clothes I could find and spent the rest of the evening under a thick blanket. Think if I had just sent for the stupid dress over the internet instead. Then this would never have happened!!! It seems that when I try to save money, I end up spending them and more instead!


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