Cinnamon Roll’s Day

Yesterday it was the Cinnamon Roll’s own day! The children wanted me to bake them myself but I told them, I am just trying to survive here with my thyroid. I can hardly cope as it is. SO… we had to buy them. With my gallbladder removed, I can’t eat sugar anymore without disastrous effects the next day on the lavatory! But how could I resist a view like this?When the others munched away, I had to take one! And then it became a second one. This morning “Kitty” sat pooting all the way to Lund. Apart from us suffocating from the bad smell in the car and not being able to open the windows because of the cold outside, I think it had something to do with the silly cinnamon rolls! And I of course have had to pay today. When will I learn to stay away from the fat and the sugar? Lethal combination after gallbladder surgery. These bodies that we get on this earth really are sad working machines aren’t they???


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