Indian Girl’s Tragic Story

There has been a book fair in Gothenburg (last week) and this journalist Malou Sievers interviewed the author of this biography then. The interview was broadcast today at “Efter Tio” and I happened to have the TV on as background noise. I became fascinated or horrified at this woman’s story and I really must get hold of her book! She told Malou a very sad story. Sarita was born in India to parents that had two daughters previously. They wanted a son so they had gone to a priest to have the tummy blessed and was guaranteed that it was a son. When she was born, they did not want her. They dropped her at the neighbour’s and after a week, her dad’s mother came to fetch her. When her dad came to visit her, he got angry at the baby being there and held the hand over the baby’s face till it stopped breathing. But she wasn’t dead like he thought when he left. At age two, her parents exchanged her for a boy that they adopted. The boy belonged to the dad’s sister and in exchange she received Sarita for a slave. She was beaten and had to wait on the family till she was 12 when she was sent to her dad’s mother. The grandparents had grown old and had no children living in India to look after them anymore. So she had to take care of them. When her cousin raped her, she ran away. Her parents had moved to Norway after her birth, and the grandmother demanded that her dad bring her there. So she went, only to be sexually used by her father. Her only salvation was when she met a Norwegian man but of course her family became furious since she was supposed to be married off to a man from her home village in India, like her sisters had. Her oldest sister was happily married, while her other sister was beaten so often that she had to go live in a shelter for women. Sounds like a book everyone should read. Malou said so, since this thing goes on still today. Sarita has been happily married with her Norwegian husband for 25 years but they never wanted to have children after what she has gone through. And she dedicated her book to her little sister that committed suicide. I would have loved to have borrowed this from the library but I don’t want to wait for months on end to get to borrow it. All new books have the longest queues and then you only get to borrow it for 14 days.



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