Happy Boy!

Sunday evening I received an e-mail from our church’s free list. One lady was giving away all sorts of baby and children’s things. I saw it Monday morning and begged her to hold four things. One had already been promised away but the other three things she could hold for me. One was a tricycle. “Sparky’s” has broken. Another thing was a foot stool for the bathroom. And the third was a child’s arm chair. I’ve looked at this one for years and T. has just shaken his head and told me that it is ridiculous. Well, today I had
T. and Daniel go by Maria’s house to fetch the things. They took it all on the bus and when they got through the door, “Sparky” gave up a happy squeal! T. came in first with the chair and he immediately sat down in it. Then he cried out “oh how nice!”. It was Daniel that had entered the house with the tricycle. He was the happiest little boy. It was a wonderful tricycle with different colours on all the parts, so it looks funny. As a bonus, Maria had sent along a big IKEA bag full of books! And the first book “Sparky” lifted out, was “my funny book about driving flying and floating”. In other words a heavenly book for little “Sparky” about his beloved cars, planes, boats, buses, trains, and working vehicles. The page with emergency vehicles was a favourite. He loves “fire engines” and called it “Red”, after “Cars 1” and “Cars 2”. When I saw his delighted face, I just felt so happy about him being my little lovely boy. Whatever is wrong with him, I love him to pieces. A beautiful, adorable little boy that lives up to his name. He is so loveable!



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  1. Not sure what you are referring to but I am glad you enjoyed reading the post.

  2. This is such a good idea. A friend of mine sent me your website link. It’s such a good way to engage readers offline and get physical mail which everyone loves. I may have to do this after my blog is up and running a bit more.