Green screen, lice and a broken nail

All weekend, I went through “Sparky’s” closet and felt more than upset. The yearly photograph session at the pre-school was going to take place Monday and this year, the photographer was doing it with green screen in the background. WHY? What’s wrong with just a plain background? We are talking about 3-6 year-old children. I want to see my child and don’t care about fancy background or choosing background myself. Not just that he was to be photographed with green screen but we were not allowed to dress him in anything green or greenish-blue. Let’s say, it created a nightmare. All his clothes have something of at least turquoise, in other words greenish-blue. He looks good in that! Beautiful with his eyes! So, all the pretty shirts that I wanted him photographed in, I could not choose. Finally I settled on a striped tennis-shirt that did have borderline turquoise stripes and navy blue and pink stripes as well. But I had to take options with me! A white shirt with turquoise happy whales on it and a  shirt with letters in clear blue on white back ground and with red piping around neck and sleeves. But I really did not want him to wear any of those things, had I had my choice. One could say, what does it matter? But when the photos cost 50 dollars/30 Euros IT DOES MATTER to me!It looks like these will be the backgrounds we can choose from. I am NOT impressed. I would rather have had the option of choosing clothes! A teenager like the one above, might want an option of funny background but not me! I still can not see his photos on the internet, if I now will have background in the stripes on the shirt as well. Afterwards the teachers said that it only pertained to solid coloured clothes. Thanks for telling us before hand. My weekend was ruined, having to go through clothes instead of doing more important things!

As if pre-school has not given me a bad start of the week already. Now they tell me that I need to bring more pull-ups, since he rips them off all the time so that he uses about five of them in the two hours that he is there. This is costing me a fortune! And this morning I am greeted at the door by a sign saying: One child is having lice so now all children need to be louse combed every day! I want to scream! And on top of it all, I broke a nail when I tried to pull on socks on “Sparky’s” feet. The socks had shrunk in the wash so they were tight! I am not fixing my nails till the 11th October so I feel all depressed now. It looks so cheap and ugly when you walk around with 9 perfect nails and one decimated one! I know, it’s an “I-country” problem as we say here in Sweden, but all the same. I do live in an I-country (Industrialized Country as opposed to a U-country/Under developed country) and are surrounded by judgmental people. And I do like to have nice looking nails. The only luxury I allow myself. My day has in other words, started poorly! I guess the drop that will make the chalice flow over, will be if I get complaints about “Kitty” this afternoon. He had to be on time to school since they were leaving right away on a bus to go to a supermarket. And angry teenager that doesn’t talk to me anymore, came down right when they needed to leave! We had screamed at her to get out of bed, for all of 30 minutes then! They can’t leave without her, since “Boo” travels on her bus card and “Cookie” can not be in charge of her brothers, when “Kitty” has ADHD.

The supermarket is going to teach the children about how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables. They are studying food in class right now. But I am worried that he might misbehave on the bus there or in the store! I mean, the day has not been good so far…


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