Coloured Cheerios

When I went to the urologist with “Sparky” in August, they asked me to take his nappy off in the mornings and put him on the toilet. I did not know how this would work out but he has been positive to it. So positive, he now runs and pulls the nappy off at all times and goes to pee on the loo. One problem though. He will not sit on the loo properly. He says “Not go on slide!” He thinks he is going to fall in to the loo so this is how he puts it with the limited language that he has. (But he is improving every day language wise!) What does he do then? He squats on the seat. He sits at the edge but has his knees up in his face and feet on seat, holding on to the seat with his hands. I know, it has to be seen to be believed. Fine, for the most part this works out. But then he often gets acrobatic and goes up and down with his bottom and that makes his stream of pee, go up and down as well of course, missing the target! Let’s say, I want to rip my hair out. I HATE pee on the floor and stepping in it. I HATE sitting down on a seat and get sticky pee all over myself. And since he strips off his socks and trousers as well as the nappy when he goes, they are all in the target line! I feel like I don’t do anything else than guard the lavatory now all day, every day. Chasing him with nappies. Sticking my nose in his trousers to see if they are still clean… I do a lot of dry heaving. And then I start thinking about what I saw in the US in 2005. Coloured cheerios! At Babies “R” Us, they had boxes with them and I had to ask what they were. They were for little boys to aim at, in the loo! I sort of wish I had them now! So he would learn to aim. But of course I do not have them. I guess I could go and buy cheerios and drop down the loo but I doubt they will work in the same way. They will probably just float out and become a gouie (?) mess and then he will not want to go at all, since he sees that there. He is particular in that way. I don’t just have one anally retentive/obsessive compulsive child. I have TWO! Daniel thinks it is great that his little brother takes after him.

I guess cheerios would be too small as well. The ones they were selling were bigger than the cheerios. Well, it is a little bit of a consolation at least, that since those things existed, I am not alone! Other mothers are going through exactly the same thing or something similar. And somewhere, there must be an end to the tunnel. It can’t go on like this forever.



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  1. Wendy, that is so sweet of you! I fear it would be very expensive to ship! At the moment, it feels so hopeless. He refused to sit on one of those extra seats, that makes it less of a scary gaping hole to sit on., when we were at the hospital. He will not sit on a potty, And he keeps on disappearing in to the lavatory, to sit on the loo. Which of course means that he is ready to be potty trained but there is no structure to it, if that makes any sense. Him running around bare bottomed, Pee all over the lavatory. What is it with boys? The girls were a breeze. They just sat down and did their business and it was smootlhe sailing. “Cookie” just threw her nappy when I came home with “Kitty” from the hospital, and said “I am no baby anymore”.

  2. wendy

    i have seen little floating targets before to put in the bowl for him to aim at while he learns to use the toilet…do want me to look for them for you?