I have just been sitting watching the goodmorning Sweden program and was horrified when I hear that this place called the Culture House in Stockholm is getting rid of all the “Tintin” books in the child/youth department, because they are racist! Racist! Maybe the books do not have the political correct picture of Congolese people, BUT the books were not drawn in the year 2012! They were all written and drawn in the 1930s and the viewpoint you get in them, is the one of the 1930s. They are a documentation of that time period and if you start burning books again, where have you got to? If you erase a part of history in this manner, then future generations are not going to know anything about Nazism, Racist views that were prevalent all over the world, not just in Germany, and history will repeat itself like it always does when forgot. If you start by burning “Tintin”, where will you go next? The man they talked to, pointed out that there are other books that are not politically correct either. He pointed out that he needs books that show that families are not consisting of mummy, daddy and children anymore but of two mummies, or two daddies and children.  You know, there is a law in this country, called “hets mot folkgrupp”. Google translate says it means incitement to racial hatred. That is not correct since radio Islam has been fined over and over for this, since they stir up hatred towards Jews and their religion. NOT just the race Jews but their religion. And is Jew really a race? When you fill in papers in the US, you have to fill in if you are Caucasian, Hispanic, African or Asian. There is in other words nothing that says that Jew is a race. But, to continue with my point against the translation of this law: Is not a statement like the one he just made on TV, an incitement to hatred of heterosexuals? Suddenly WE are the abnormality. Books about us are supposed to be burned as well soon, I suppose, to not give people the idea that this state is the normal one. How wicked is the world getting?

Daniel asked me this morning what religious discrimination means? I needed to go and take a shower so I gave him a quick answer and said “it is easier to talk about discrimination when it comes to women. A woman not getting a job or a seat at the University because of her gender. Or when you talk about colour, the blacks in America not being allowed to drink out of the same water fountain as whites, before the 1968 revolution.” But in the shower, thoughts came to my mind. Religious discrimination is, when Sweden is trying to push through a law that forbids male circumcision of little Jewish and Moslem boys. The arguments being that it is a cruel practice and them lumping it together with female mutilation. So far I think they have not got the law through parliament, but I heard two weeks ago that Germany is trying to do the same thing. Another religious discrimination is, when Sweden tried to pass a law that would take away the right to marry couples, if the religion refused to marry homosexual couples. That would have meant that our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would have lost the right to marry LDS couples, but it also would have forbade the Jews, the Moslems and many other religions from marrying their faithful ones. The Jews and the Moslems screamed enough in Sweden so the law has not been passed yet. Our society decide what is politically correct. But that does not make it a tolerant society at all!

And as for “Tintin”? The news reporter tried to ask the Arab man that was in charge of the decision to get rid of “Tintin”, why children can not get to read “Tintin” since everyone knows they are old and from another time and age of thought. He basically said to the newspaper man that children of today are too stupid to understand that! Guess what? On “Dollie’s” Birthday, we watched “Tintin”! I had longed to see it and none of us were disappointed! I would not have dreamed of keeping this film away from my children. “Sparky” went upstairs and brought down Daniel’s playmobil pirate ship and has been playing with it every day since! After we saw the exciting film, I talked a lot to the children about “Tintin”. I informed “Kitty” and “Cookie” that I read all the books as a child and they wondered where they are now. At the library, was my answer. They sent me to the library the next day to borrow as many as I could, while they were in school. And they have loved the books. “Cookie” mostly. She has come to discuss them with me and how exciting she finds them. That there is not a dull moment in them. We both want to visit “the Tintin shop” in London even though everything in there is expensive. When a child ask you questions, it is just to explain about the racism found in the books. And I never felt that it was racism really when I read them, to me it was just a naive way of looking at other people. Now perhaps I can agree that there might be a dark side to them, but I do know what time period they were written in. And I did not grow up a racist like that man at the Culture House says that children will if they get to read “Tintin”! If anything, they make you curious to why people are described in this or that way. They wake up the interest for history! I love “Tintin”! As a matter of fact, as a young girl I was infatuated with him. Yes, I know! A cartoon man! I thought him sooooooo handsome and dreamed of meeting someone as nice as him! “Boo” is now very proud of his red hair since he looks just like “Tintin”. After he has slept his hair stands up like “Tintin’s” in the front as well, so then he is twice as happy!!!! If other libraries are going to follow suit, well then I will go out and buy all the books! Noone is going to tell ME what I can read and not read! This is outright censorship!


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