Religious Freedom is a hoax!

Very interesting what is going on in the world. Again! The Koran says, according to the news, that one is not allowed to make fun of Muhammad. Personally, I don’t know why anyone ever have to make fun of religious figures of any kind since it obviously hurt the feelings of those that believe in this or that person. On the other hand, one can not force one’s faith on anyone else. To say that the Koran forbids this or that, well that pertains to the believers! Not to people that could not care less about Islam and Muhammad. You have to turn your back. You can’t force your laws on to others! I will not follow Moslem laws since I am not a Moslem. Likewise, I do not expect friends or family or anyone else in my vicinity, to follow the laws of MY religion. I pay tithing, I live the law of chastity, I live the word of wisdom. If I expected everybody around me to do the same, I would be ripping my hair out since everybody in Swedish society is laughing at such things. Members of my religion are used to persecution, to be spat at, to be ridiculed, to be laughed at, so I can’t understand this killing of innocent people, because someone of the same nationality has produced a film. Have these murderers on the streets even seen the film? And if they have why have they? I do not have to read the anti-Mormon propaganda. It would only make me sad and nauseous and angry.

It is sad though, that religious freedom is just a shallow word. I sat and watched the news this morning. President Obama, who is a man I respect for the most part, said to the world that since the founding of the United States, they have respected others’ religions in America. Not exact quote but close enough. He said that “we are not denigrating other religions”. Hm! I guess he has forgot that the Mormons were persecuted on a daily basis for almost all of the 1800s. They were murdered, chased away, tarred and feathered. Our first Prophet in modern days, Joseph Smith, was murdered 27 June 1844, by a mob, together with his brother Hyrum Smith. For what reason? For their faith’s sake! And today? Are we not persecuted today?

This happens today! In America! These Anti-Mormons take their children, take time off work, and travel around to prevent us from believing in what we believe in. They desecrate our holy buildings. They shout terrible things. I sat at the temple grounds in Manti with five of my children, to watch a beautiful pageant, in 2005, and we had to sit and see those people march outside the fence. They attacked us as soon as we needed to use the lavatory. My children could not understand why they hate us so much. And how could I explain this modern mob that would have killed if they could, just like in the 1800s. And Obama stands there and says that everyone is allowed to believe in what they want. Yes, you are allowed to be a Moslem, not a Mormon!

I don’t know how many Mormons will vote for Mitt Romney. May none of them do so. I certainly don’t want to defend my faith to stupid Swedes every day. We all get accused for everything potty that he says and does. The Church did not ask him to be our face outwards to the world. I wish he had never run because it is giving other latter-day saints a hell.  I wonder how much of a latter-day saint he really is. People in our church usually marries within our religion which he did not. People in our religion are usually warm people and not a cold ice cube like him. And being a business man, he is used to run over people. Not particularly Christian attitude in my opinion. He suggests running the US as a company. Well, companies are after profit, nothing else, and don’t care how the workers feel. A worker that is not performing to satisfaction is fired. Is that what the US wants? I can’t believe that. Nor can the company USA work in a vacuum and only care about itself like a company always does. Care about IT’s success. This world is global! All economy is intermixed over the borders. When one country pumps out fumes, it affects the entire planet, it doesn’t stop at borders. Even if Obama is wrong about America having religious freedom, he has at least realized that one has to work together on this planet. That we have to accept differences. Try to co-operate. Of two evil, he is the better choice. Pity I don’t have a say in the matter. The election has impact on us all and world peace, and yet most of us can only sit on the side lines and wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, Moslems in all corners of the world are on a killing spree and a rampant destruction tour. All politicians are kissing up to them but for what purpose? Islam is not a tolerant religion. It does not believe in religious freedom. It’s main goal is to make this whole planet Moslem. The Koran says so. That is the truth behind their anger. That so far they have not succeeded… Even so, it is rather selfish to antagonize them since so many more than the culprit have to pay for it!


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