Doctor’s appointment

Why did I write down in my papers years ago, that I wanted to go to this one particular doctor at the health clinic, every time that I am ill? The government decided we should all have a “House Doctor” even though they of course do not make home visits! Every time you call for an appointment, you should end up with your chosen doctor. Well, you don’t! I have never ended up with her. But this time, when I went to see a doctor about my gallstone attack in July, she insisted that I go to my chosen doctor about my Thyroid problem. That she discovered that I have, when taking a secret blood test on me that day!

Well, today I saw my chosen doctor. It took this long to get an appointment. The doctor that had to look in her books about skin cancer, years ago, when T. had that and I wanted answers. Today she had to get out her brochure describing the symptoms for low thyroid production. I had read up on it over the internet and it was scary sitting there knowing that I knew more about the symptoms than her! That is really bad news! She had to look up if Reynaud’s syndrome was a part of it all. I guess she learned a lot today! That it causes infertility, miscarriage, Reynaud’s, head aches, migraines, dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss/thin hair.

The worse part was how stressed she was. No time for me really. I wonder if it would have been better to have gone private? I had to bring up that my migraine pills don’t work so mostly we talked about options for that. And for my nose spray addiction. Worse of all was that she told me that I can NOT take aspirin when I have any kind of pain. But she didn’t think that the pressure that I feel under my rib cage is a tumour! It can be caused by aspirin. Sorry, but I don’t trust her medical expertise! She did not want to remove T.’s mole back in 2002. He insisted since he had taken time off work, and THAT turned out to be malignant melanoma! Oh well, I have done all I can. I have told two doctors that it feels like I have a tennisball under my right rib cage. One can’t feel it on the outside but.. And both ignore me so I guess I will just have to live with it.

Now I am being put on medication for the thyroid problem. It will take 1 YEAR till I feel better! And she had to start me on a low dose first to see if my heart can take it. The 3oth October, I have to come back for a blood test to see if that dose does the trick or if I have to go stronger and stronger over time. I FEEL DEPRESSED! She asked if I have contemplated acupuncture. I said no way, that I am petrified of needles. I guess she recommends it for stress and when one has to take a lot of medicines. I don’t plan on taking the congestion medicine more than I have to nor migraine medicine. So what is the problem??? I am not going to play pin cushion, no matter how stressed out I am!


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