Poor “Sparky”

Saturday, Daniel and T. went off early to clean the chapel. Our turn this week. Since the shoe situation has been absolutely critical for “Boo” all week, I had decided that as soon as they got home, we had to be off to a shoe shop right away and help matters. Last week, the order was at the school, that no child could go in to the canteen without “indoor shoes”. I sent with “Boo”, his summer sandals and told him that now he will not be allowed to wear them outside again. Ha! Tuesday they were to have indoor gym class and I sorted it out by sending his little brother’s sneakers with him. He’s used them enough this summer that I knew they fit, more snug than his own, but working. I thought I had it all under control for at least a couple of weeks. But “Boo” always leaves shoes, beanies, caps, jackets, socks at play grounds and you name it. So Wednesday I get a nasty gram from his teacher that he must have indoor shoes! I tell her, “I sent expensive Swedish made leather sandals with him Monday!” They lasted two days! I was hysterical and spent 10 minutes crawling around on the floor at the entrance at school, on my four, searching everywhere for the sandals. On the brink of crying I might add. (Friday “Cookie” ran in to the sandals but Thursday and Friday he had to use his brother’s sneakers for indoor shoes!)

So, Saturday we headed up to Hurva, to a large shoe shop, to find tennis shoes for “Kitty”, since he will not stop wearing his sandals outside when they need to be indoor shoes at school, “Boo” so he doesn’t have to borrow his brother’s canvas sneakers for gym class but can use his own there and the sandals for indoor shoes, and “Sparky” who goes on excursions on Fridays from the 14th, and will walk in places where canvas shoes are not the best option. We got up there, and “Kitty” just sat like a lethargic dead sardine on a chair. Very unlike him, so I told T., that he must be sick. He was hot! I bought red tennis shoes for “Kitty” since they had nothing else on sale his size, and I bought the same for “Sparky”. But I had to buy black and orange ones for “Boo” since he will not read the name of the owner, but just put on the shoes, and he has walked off in both brothers’ shoes too many times. And “Kitty” can not get in to “Boo’s” shoes and “Sparky” can not wear his either so…

Yesterday morning “Sparky” came in to the bedroom at 6:00 and said “wet” and then threw up. He was put in a little wash basket we have, filled with bubbles and water, and he loved it. Till he threw up in the water. All day he snuck out to the lavatory and all day he threw up the water he secretly had drunk out there. And it continued this morning when I was supposed to prepare to leave and take “Cookie” and “Boo” to school. “Kitty” still having a fever. And Angry Teenager upstairs that did not start school till 10:30? Did not come down to help. At 8:00 I had to order her to come down because I did not want to drag poor “Sparky” out to sit strapped in a car seat! But she came down in protest!

All day I have guarded the lavatory like a hawk, me and “Kitty”, and I have let the little one suck on popsicles and finally at lunch time I let him have some toast. He was so happy and could hardly believe that he was going to be allowed to eat something. Poor thing sat and cried yesterday when we would not let him eat pancake nor banana. He could not understand why the people that he trust, could be so mean. It’s the toughest, when small children get the stomach flu. You know from experience how hungry one gets after throwing up, and you know that it will come up right away, if you do satisfy the hunger! They don’t!


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