Second hand sofa table

Stress, stress, stress… Every day now, I have a long list with to do things, that I must get done before “Sparky” gets home at 11:30 and then other things that have to be done when I can get a teenager to baby sit. A couple of weeks ago, I went to IKEA with T. to get some things and he insisted we look at a new sofa table. “Boo” and “Sparky” jumped one time too many on our old IKEA table and finally I had Daniel carry out the pieces to the boot of the car, being fed up with T. just hammering in more and more nails in to it and duck taping it. Nothing wrong with nails but when they stick out and rip your clothes and skin, then I DO mind! So, I took it to the city dump and for the last 8 months or something, I have kept an eye open but haven’t seen anything I liked. The problem is that the fashion in sofa tables right now is small and LOW. Foot stool kind of tables. I don’t want a table to put my feet on! I want a table that I can scrapbook by or put my computer on, but I don’t want to lean down to the floor… The one table T. now wanted us to take home, was hollow! Same kind as Daniel’s new bookcase/writing desk that we bought from a student on “Blocket”. T. had put a screw by the desk part and in just a couple of days, Daniel had a big hole on the surface. I could see how sad Daniel was over his new desk already being ruined, when he and I had bought it in perfect condition. T. had to fix it with filling and paint, but still. When I saw the table he wanted me to purchase, I just said “forget it”. “If ‘Kitty’ takes a car from ‘Sparky’ tomorrow, ‘Sparky’ will go bananas and throw other cars in cheer frustration, and we will have a sofa table with a big hole in it. Even if it costs only 30 Euros, I am not willing to buy it!”. T. went home sulking. We had seen another one that was a sturdy, all heavy wood, one, but it cost 150 Euros, which was money I did not have. I told T. I would have to save up for it. But when I got home, I got on the computer and found the ad pictured here: This person on “Blocket” wanted 35 Euros for both this table and the little one in the corner of the photo. I started writing the person back and forth. She had not left measurements but they were what I wanted. Then I told T. that this would be the table we would get since the price was perfect and it is all solid wood. The problem was that the woman selling, was really selling for her elderly parents, and to get a time that suited us all, for purchase, has taken all of two weeks. Yesterday, I headed to Staffanstorp with Daniel, “Kitty”, “Boo” and “Sparky” to buy two tables for 35 Euros. The couple was really old so the table doesn’t have a single scratch on it. I felt bad since the children will manhandle it for sure. So, all on my own, I have once more sorted out a crisis! We have a sofa table again instead of empty dancing space in front of the sofas. “Dollie” thought it was sad! We all laughed at the small table. We don’t know what to do with it yet. “Kitty” carried it in from the car and put it by the piano. Daniel pointed out about an hour later, that “Sparky’ has found a use for it”. I went behind the sofa to look. Yes, he had. It’s become a parking place. He had parked little cars around the whole edge. All four sides. When we get the upstairs sorted out, it might become a play table. We can’t keep it downstairs. But he will have fun with it, no matter where we put it.

I thought it was pretty creepy anyway, to go in to this couple’s home. It could have been my mum’s. They all furnish the same way, don’t they. That generation. Knick knacks on the tables. The pretty room with pretty sofas and tables, that never are used because they are rarely comfortable to sit in… When we left, I couldn’t but think and wonder what they are going to do now, when they have no tables by their sofas. They said that they had inherited the tables 25 years ago and that they filled up too much space in the room. They must have moved from a house, to the flat, recently. This is what my mum will need to do! But who will sell her furniture for her? She can’t do it herself  since she even refuses to have internet. This couple’s daughter was about 60 years old with grandchildren. She was rushing off to fetch them from pre-school after concluding the sale for her parents. She had had the ad in on “Blocket” for over two months, so many items sell slowly! My mum can not start selling WHEN she is moving. It has to be done long before…


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