Young Victoria

I am soooooo tired today! This week they have been broadcasting British drama on TV, every evening, for all those that do not appreciate that every channel only broadcast the Olympics. I didn’t bother sitting up Monday when it was “Sense & Sensibility”. When one is tired, it’s not worth it to go to bed late and wake up a zombie, over ghastly Hugh Grant, looking like he’s done a doo-doo in his 18th Century trousers, for two hours! Tuesday I made the mistake of not brushing my teeth, flossing them and rinsing with Listerine, BEFORE, the film started. It was “Chéri” with Michelle Pfeiffer. I can not stand her so I really don’t know why I remained collapsed in my arm chair. The film was absolutely ghastly! About an old prostitute who was asked by another old prostitute, to cheer the latter’s son up. His nickname was “Chéri”. The film was full of sex and completely pointless. I guess I just remained watching it to see if it had a happy ending and of course the ending was terribly sad. Had nightmares about the whole thing all night, so I was furious with myself the next morning.

Wednesday’s film was the newest version of Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice” and a true Janeite must stay away from this awful, awful adaption that has nothing in common with the book except perhaps the names of the characters. All the actors have misunderstood the time period and their characters. I did NOT stay up to watch it, since watching it once was one time too many. Last night they broadcast “Young Victoria” and THIS film I have been wanting to see for a long time so I “paid” the price and stayed up. To my horror, Prince Albert was played by terrible “Chéri” from Tuesday’s film! It was difficult to see him in this role when I had seen him as a slimier than slimy man, Tuesday, but I tried not to think about it, since Victoria’s story is very intriguing. Or sad, however you choose to look upon it. I really liked the film but I do not think I will purchase it and see it again. It was very well done though! This evening they finish with the film “Queen” and that one is SOOOO good! I have seen it twice before, but I will stay up and see that one for sure.


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