Health care issues!

I received a letter from the hospital today that the queue to have an ultrasound to check the gall-passages, is two months long! Swedish health care gets me in to tears! We are supposed to be an industrialized country? One of the most developed countries? And people can die before they get to see a doctor!!! I also received an appointment for “Sparky” to go to a urologist, week 34. They want us to measure up his pee for two whole days and he has to arrive on the 23 August, needing to pee. Great! He uses nappies, is not interested at all in getting potty trained, nor does he have the language… How am I supposed to measure up his pee? Wring the nappy out in to a mug? And how do I know if he needs to go wee? I phoned them and found out that the whole department is closed all summer till the 23rd August. Thank you for that!

I did get a phone call as well from my doctor who said that the liver results are back to normal now. Meaning? She told me that the previous ones had really scared her. Scared her? What about me? I thought I was a death’s door! For a whole week now! She suspects that a stone was stuck in the gall passages and that it now has come loose and has passed through the system. But I still need the ultra sound. She is still waiting for the thyroid and metabolism tests to come in. I can’t say how much I worry. So much got messed up in my body when I lost Serena Rose, and now I wonder if it messed up my metabolism as well? Talked to my friend Kristina yesterday and she asked “can this have prevented you from getting pregnant again?”. Well, her question has raised questions in my mind as well. Wouldn’t surprise me at all! But how was I suppose to know that I ought to have gone to the doctor and checked up why I was so horribly tired? I thought it was just due to almost being a single mum with 7 children to look after or help out on a daily basis. It’s not easy to know when one ought to be concerned?


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