Not J.R. Ewing Again!? Please!!!

To my horror I just saw on TV that “Dallas” is coming back! Like it wasn’t bad enough the first time around, now we are going to be tortured with J.R. Ewing again and whatever all the others’ names were. Is there really such a drought for ideas at the TV channels, that they have to return to the old? My mother would not miss a single episode of this series so in a way I grew up with it, but I always found it absolutely ghastly. Family members that hated each other, that did everything to hurt each other, and not a single one of them being happy. Is that really what the producers think we need in this world where so much hatred already flourish? Why can’t they come up with a new idea instead? Why show a dysfunctional family, when TV is the best propaganda medium around and they could show one that actually functions! That could be an example, an inspiration, that could give something for people to strive for instead of letting people go to bed feeling ill and upset!


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