I am going to be forced to change person that fixes my nails! Two weeks ago, when I sat in the chair and had had my varnish taken off, she just declared that she was putting gel on my nails instead of acrylic and when I told her that I don’t want that, she just answered that I had to because she is 8 weeks pregnant and refuses to do acrylic anymore in case it is dangerous for the baby! I felt angry when I left. I should have been notified before to make my decision in peace. And I did not like the look of the nails at all. She had done a very poor job. One week afterwards, one nail had already cracked and come off. So I had to go and have it fixed. But I chose someone else to go to. Now I have the nasty business in front of me, to phone J. and tell her that I will not come again!

After I had my one nail fixed, it took one day and another one cracked. But that is not what has brought me to the computer. When I drove to the nail place, this time in Staffanstorp, I noticed a shop that I thought they only had in Borgeby. I decided to stop there on my way home and did so. They have these wonderful Danish Maileg bunnies and furniture. I stood and drooled over them all, for half an hour and then went home and talked to “Cookie” about all the cute things that I had seen. I went in on the internet to see if I could find them to show her and lo and behold, someone on Tradera was selling in one big lot, a whole bunny family and lots of the furniture. I wanted to bid since I knew lots of the children would love playing with them. But I had no idea what to bid? I sat yesterday morning watching the bidding. My heart beat hard and then 20 seconds before the auction was up, I threw myself in and prevented anyone else to bid. I won! But not until now, have the owner contacted me with information how to pay. I can’t wait to see the children’s faces when the box arrives here, hopefully in a couple of days! “Cookie” asked me about them earlier this afternoon but I pretended not to hear since I want it to be a surprise. Aren’t they just adorable? It’s one bed, one cradle, a changing table, an ironing board, a pram, a set with sofa, two chairs, table and a stove. And two babies with parents! SO CUTE! There is a site in Britain called “Cottontailes” (think that is the name) and I think that it was that one, that said “the bunnies that all parents love!”. I wonder if we love them more than the children do?


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