Alfons Åberg

It was T.’s last day of vacation yesterday and to “celebrate” my last day of “freedom” and shared responsibility, I suggested we fulfill a wish of “Kitty’s”. Mid-term, his teacher took the children to the museum Kulturen where they are having an exhibition on “Alfons Åberg”, that turns 40 years this year. He came home with a post card and all enthusiastic saying “Mamma please can we not go there the entire family. Everybody will love it.”. I had to break his heart and tell him that all money had to be saved for our vacation but if there was money left after the vacation, we could go. So yesterday we headed there, the entire family.

Let’s say we had a wonderful one and a half hour! The little boys ran in and got dressed as Alfons right away. “Boo” kept playing in “Alfons” treehouse the entire time. While “Sparky” ran around like a maniac between the helicopter, tree house, kitchen, fishing pond, bedroom and “Alfons” scary closet that had a minitaure exit door that he found so funny to crawl through. “Kitty” found friends to play with right away and made a drawing for the wall that has all sorts of “Alfons” drawings pegged to it.

“Cookie” loved it all as well and got dresses as “Alfons” friend “Milla”. Her shirt was striped though and not pink as on the picture. Red striped. And “Cookie” begged me and asked if I could not make her “Milla” clothes. But since my stupid sewing machine does not agree with me and refuse to sew even normal straight stitches, I do not know what it would do with elastic fabric!!!! She got upset with me too when I would not buy her an “Alfons” doll in the souvenir shop. To tell the truth, she already has a doll of him but with green shirt. The one that she wanted, nowadays, has a brown shirt. Daniel used to loooooove “Alfons” when he was two years old and onwards, for years. I bought him the doll when he was 2, after he came through a bout of influenza. That doll went with him EVERYWHERE! He wore the shirt of the doll to threads so I had to replace the fabric! And when it was time for official family photographs with baby “Dollie” and her siblings, parents, he refused to be photographed without the worn “Alfons” doll so we finally had to give in, and have him in the photos as well. But it made Daniel smile happily on ALL photos.

Daniel refused to dress up as anything but gladly teased “Sparky”, chasing him all over. “Dollie” was a good sport though and dressed up as “Alfons” aunt “Fiffi”. On the picture above you see the closet with clothes to choose from and aunt Fiffi.

T. was a good sport as well and donned daddy “Åberg’s” clothes and big pipe and slippers. He posed for photos with both the drawn picture and with his children. So much fun since Daniel declared that he looks just like him!!! I had to laugh. Myself, I was NOT a good sport. I did not dress up. I look ugly enough as it is thank you!

When they had played long enough and were getting sweaty in the knitted sweaters of “Alfons” and corduroy trousers, they all drew Birthday pictures for “Alfons” and put them on the wall with all the others. “Cookie” did one for “Milla” instead and “Dollie” one for “Aunt Fiffi”. Kulturen has a playground too where the children can pump up water and drive around in wooden cars (if someone pushes them of course or pull the rope attached to the front), so they had lots of fun there. We concluded the day with wonderful soft ice cream dipped in chocolate.

I looked up what “Alfons Åberg” has been named when translated in to English (The books have been translated in to 30 languages!). He is called Alfie Atkins! I am laughing out loud. That is so funny. Must check what he is called in other languages: Alfons Åberg in Danish, Willi Wiberg in German, Albert Åberg in Norwegian, Einar Áskell in Icelandic, Mikko Mallikas in Finnish and Ifan Bifan in Welsh. Gets worse and worse doesn’t it? But it doesn’t matter, because the books are wonderful anyway!!!



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