I am just sitting giggling. I am so exhausted I don’t know what my name is. I got out of bed this morning since Sembo wanted to talk to meon the phone. I sat and waited all day yesterday for their return call but they never phoned. And I woke at 3:00 having nightmares about the housing but thank heavens I did, since we had forgot to give “Kitty” his evening dose of penicillin.

We will be in two houses next to each other, they have wavered the deposit on one of the houses, the kitchen cleaning one house and Sembo understood what a logistic nightmare it will be for us to live in two houses, so they gave us 10% back on the housing fee. Then I have packed, packed and ironed, ironed, and took a break to take “Cookie” to the library so she could tell them her last three summer books. So was pleased since it was time for her to choose a free book. But she had a tough time deciding which one she wanted so we were there for half an hour choosing. Clock ticking on…

Back home, I had to take “Kitty” to dentist to pull out the milk tooth that caused the abscess. He was petrified so they had to play a lot with him, calming him. All in all, it took an hour. The tooth was loose but his ADHD makes him petrified of everything so he was crying big tears BUT laid still. He got a tattoo, two tooth pastes and a toothbrush from the dentist so he was happy. And he also knew that the tooth fairy will visit tonight and with the money he can buy an “Angry Bird” toy that I have in my shop, that is my closet.

They had not got a hole done at home so I had to chase after them at the same time as I was trying to talk to Johannes. He wanted to borrow bus card from T. So we all went in to town to exchange money to Euros, give him the bus card and to buy spare “mimmisar” and “mimmi cords”. Mimmi is “Sparky’s” word for soother. He will only take one kind of cord, one kind of soother. I couldn’t find boy colours. Good thing he doesn’t care about that as well!!!!

Back home, I took white roses to Serena Rose at the cemetery and have continued packing. I am so exhausted I want to cry and I still have my teeth to do. AND I always sleep poorly the night before we are going somewhere. And now I realized that I have forgot to pack my make up things and hygien things. Long sigh….


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