What is going on?

I was actually going to blog about how much I laughed yesterday when the children came back from swimming. I had had the car so they had all walked over to the pool and had “Sparky” sitting in his “chair” as he calls his “sulky” (sitting pram without roof facing away from the person pushing). Yes, I even found a photo of one like ours except ours is all charcoal grey. Anyway, Daniel pushes his little brother up the front stairs and “sparky” holds on for his life and when they enter the hallway where I was standing to greet them, they had to dodge a laundry basket and shoes, whereupon “Sparky” says “Dear me!”. We all laughed so hard. He has a very delayed speech and is going to go to a speech therapist a lot, so it was hilarious to hear a little 3-year-old say that, who normally can not say very much.

That was the funny part. What was not funny was that Monday, his kidney doctor phoned. I saw her 22nd December when she told me in her brainless manner that she has no idea what to do. His kidney function is less good. The flow through it goes slower. She told me that day that she would contact his surgeon to see what she suggests. But Christmas was coming up, New Year’s, so she did not think she would get to do it before January. I waited all of January to hear if he will have to have surgery again. But no communication at all. And then I finally gave up on her and put him in pre-school since I had held back in case he would have to have surgery and then be absent a lot. Who wants to pay for time he is not there? I waited and waited. Monday the 2nd JULY she phones and says: “I have talked to the surgeon now!”. Things move quickly in this country don’t they? One could be dead and buried before one gets an appointment to a doctor!!!

The two have decided that he must go on controls more often and she said the next one would be in two-three weeks. I received the time yesterday and he was supposed to go for the ultrasound 17th July, the day after we get home. I did feel vexed about not getting the Mag 3 appointment the same day. Today, someone from x-ray phones and says: We are trying to coordinate so you can come on the same day. Your son is supposed to go to do Mag 3, 10th July so you will come to us as well then. I had to inform him that we will be in Normandie that day. So he hangs up to try to work things out. Then he phones and says “are you leaving the 13th?”. No, on the 6th at 6:00 in the morning. Right. Phone rings again. It’s Sembo saying that the hotel has contacted them and said that the house we are supposed to rent is out of order! Can we split ourselves up in to two instead? I tell her that I am not too keen on cleaning two places when we leave and I am absolutely not keen to pay deposits on two places, meaning standing without 400 Euros for a week. 200 is bad enough to be without, but I have counted with that. So she offers us another hotel. We check it and I want to cry. It’s over an hours drive from the first Normandie invasion beach. To get to Utah beach would take over two hours which means petrol costs I have not counted on. On top of that, all children’s activities at the hotel are extra!!! I phoned back and said “NO”. We booked Omaha Beach because we would be close to everything and that is where we are going. So now the French agent is sitting haggling with them about the deposits and the cleaning. And I am waiting and can’t go anywhere.

Then the x-ray man phones again and says, the Mag 3 and Ultrasound will not happen till 3rd August! Fine, whatever. And then “Kitty’s” dentist phones. Monday evening “Kitty” helps T. take down the laundry in the garden and complains that his mouth hurts. T. looks and “kitty” has a gigantic abcess below the gumline. He presses a little on it and tons of puss squirts out. It looked so awful I almost fainted. Yesterday morning we phoned the health clinic but after seeing them, they told us to take him to the dentist. She took a look and said that a grown up tooth is trying to get in, the milk tooth refuses to fall out and that is why he has an abcess. She wants to take the tooth out tomorrow. We just sat there “We have to come back? Why not take it out now?”. So now his siblings have frightened him about the shot they will give him and how long he will be numb for. His ADHD makes him scared of everything so thanks children for doing that! And now the dentist asked us to come to our neighbour village to fetch a perscription. She wants him on penicillin and they could not send the prescription electronically because the dentist is not connected to that system. Wonderful! What else is going to go wrong?

We could hear “Boo” screaming from far away. He was out running around the playground without shoes as usual and came home with a piece of glass in his foot. I think all of our village has heard him screaming while we tried to remove it. It feels like life is working against me right now. Does this mean it’s a bad idea to go on vacation? We have planned so long for this, I have wanted to go for years and years… The children packed all their things yesterday in about 5 minutes. Let’s say “they are totally up for it!”. Everybody out there, say a prayer for us or keep your fingers crossed, which ever you prefer!


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