First day of Summer holidays

I have not been blogging for weeks. I have been far too stressed out. Today I woke up when the boys ran in to the bedroom and jumped in to my bed screaming. “Boo” threw something at the top of my bed which means, it fell down on the floor by the wall, and only a person with arms like a string, can get to whatever he threw there. He laughed in a mean way and I just chased them all out of there. Since I was up, I decided to go to the lavatory and to also get some aspirin since my head was killing me. What met me outside my bedroom was utter chaos. The hallway was wet and at the end of it, lay a nappy full of pee. I did my thing on the lavatory and went to the kitchen to get the aspirin which gave me a full view of the sitting room. Chaos! In the middle of the floor, lay all the sofa pillows stacked in to a pile and the boys were using it as Mount Everest. Suddenly my head just hurt too bad to deal with it. I asked about the wet hallway and they had used the spray bottle that I use when ironing, to have a water fight! Great! At least it wasn’t what I feared: PEE! No “Boo” says, “Sparky” had peed in their bedroom instead! He gladly pointed out how he had closed the gate to their room and the gigantic puddle right inside the door! Big sigh! Is this how the entire summer holiday will turn out for me? First order of business was to prevent more puddles. “Sparky” had to get dressed in a clean nappy. Second order of business was to wipe up all the pee. Thirdly, I laid down with my aspirin eating away the lining of my tummy, but taking away my head ache.

That is when “Cookie” comes and informs me that the boys have thrown out all my quilting things. Last night I sat on the floor in the living room, since we no longer have a sofa table, and continued the work that I started Saturday at Amy’s, when we had scrapbooking there. She has made many quilts so she knows how to count out things. I have been collecting all sorts of disney cars’ fabrics, to make “Sparky” a quilt/comfort blanket and I want it to be done by the 6th July, when we go on holiday, so talk about short deadline. I started the thing at the end of April but Amy could only help me for an hour then, and we spent that hour looking at samples on the internet to get ideas. And then to measure cars on another fabric than the one I am showing here. But she has the tools, I don’t, so I never got any further. To sit with pencil, scissors and measuring tape, did not work. Saturday, we continued where we left off in April and started cutting with her “rolling knife”, her quilt ruler and self healing cutting mat. We got 9 pieces cut out that afternoon, but that is really a drop in the ocean! Amy leaves today to visit her sister in the US, for a week. But she was sweet enough to lend me her spare quilt cutting tools! After church I was so exhausted, since I went to bed 1:00, and got up again 7:00 to prepare a Sunday school lesson. But not even the dead can sleep at Sandby cemetery, on Sunday afternoons, the way this house sounds. So to keep myself awake, I started making calculations for this fabric above, and started cutting that out, as well as red pieces that will go in between every car picture. I went to bed last night, leaving the fabric out and the pattern I had laid down on the floor, for how I want it to look (With the few cut out pieces that I have so far). I took away Amy’s things of course for safety. I was going to continue everything this morning. Only to find everything in shambles and finally “Cookie” had taken it all away, out in to the kitchen, in to a pile on the ironing board. So much for my plans and organization. It feels like a monumental task to start it up all over again today. I’ve run out of energy and “Dollie” says, only 8 more weeks of this, mamma.



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  1. Hope you get your computer working again and can finish reading the post?

  2. This stopped working tonight!!! BOOOOOOO!!!!