Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

When I stepped out of the shower this morning, I called out to the sitting room, asking “Boo” what his brother was up to and if he himself was dressed. He came running to me and said “I have put on this film. It is my best film” meaning his favourite. I was upset that they had put on a film when it was time to leave in just ten minutes but I had to smile. So I went out and got dressed in front of the film since, yes, it is one of my “best” films too. I watched it the first time around “Boo’s” age, long before video and DVD days, and I fell totally in love with the film. I had the worse crush on Howard Keel for years. Later when I became a teenager, I preferred “Adam’s” brother “Benjamin” that I thought more than gorgeous.

I bought the CD with the music when I lived in the US so I know all the songs by heart. And wonderful songs they are! And the dancing! Wonderful dancing! No wonder all children love this film. Both boys and girls!!! Why don’t they make films like this anymore? Wholesome, fun… I am just SO glad that someone out there has understood that there still is a market and that one still can buy these films on DVD, so this era doesn’t disappear. I had to turn the film off but I am sure the boys will turn it on again when they get home this afternoon. And I do not blame them. I do have a surprise in store for them this summer, as well. I have bought “Anchor’s Away” and “Meet me in St. Louis” for rainy summer days. And I am wrecking my mind to remember other wonderful films for them to get to see. It should be part of one’s growing up, to see old classics like this! Pity that a lot of them have become very expensive to get hold of though.



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  1. The fantastic thing about this film is that both gender children enjoy it equally much! The girls I guess see a romantic story, pretty girls and pretty dresses. The boys see hardened men that DANCE! And SING! And even if the boys fight and behave badly before Millie gets them straightened out, it is still all so innocent and wholesome. I just love it so much. “Dollie” hates Gene Kelly but I hope that when she gets to see “Anchor’s Away”, she will change her tune. I mean, wonderful Katherine Grayson, looking like a porcelain doll, FRANK SINATRA, Gene Kelly … I am on the lookout for a reasonable priced copy of “Hello Dolly” too since they have seen part of that in “Wall-e” and love those parts because HE loves it so much.

  2. W.C. K.

    7brides for 7 brothers used to enthrall and enchant my children also. This movie and Mr. Smith goes to Washington with Jimmy Stewart were like hypnotic to them. Any time i started to watch them they both would come in and stay for the whole thing.. 🙂