22 May 2012

I knicked a photo off the internet, showing what a slice of “ostglass” looks like. Although, the one I always make, has a third of a digestive biscuit in each piece, as sort of decoration. I stood and made it, after I had dropped the boys. Should have made it last night, to assure that it will be frozen properly, by the time we are to eat it, BUT I was too exhausted after all the stress yesterday, that I went to bed after the film.  I’m fetching “Boo” in half an hour and then we go to sit in on “Kitty’s” medical at 14:30. New order of things at the school. I don’t know why I have to be there when I never have been so for the other children and my mother never went to mine, but… I guess the school nurse will see how my home life is, when three boys will misbehave in her office! Lets’ say, I did not choose the time myself!

… She sure did get to see what the little boys were like. I guess the less said about it, the better. I drove home in a foul mood and did not want to celebrate my Birthday. Snapped at “Boo” when he for the third time today,  started  to sing the Birthday song for me, while climbing out of the car. I told him “I don’t like my Birthday and I don’t want to celebrate it, so stop it!”. The three amigos went out and fought in the garden and then “Cookie” joined them. So finally, I had to put “Boo” in his bedroom and tell “Kitty” to go to his. “Boo” fell asleep which was probably for the best. T. got home and wondered why I had not started dinner. I just told him to bag it. “Dollie” didn’t like the way I looked but what did I have to be happy about? Soon Johannes arrived as well. Daniel was in a foul mood since he took three national tests in maths today and felt like he failed them all. They had been tough even for the math geniuses in his class, but he felt so upset since his special tutor in maths had told him, they would only test for things that they have gone through in class. There were things never explained, not enough time, and the things were too complicated for him. We don’t know what will happen if he fails. Obviously the teacher has not been good enough!

We had “Flying Jacob” for dinner and then the wonderful “ostglass”. “Dollie” became so upset with me because I would not let myself be photographed. We’ve had summer heat all day, 25 degrees, so I felt unfresh and with no make up, ugly hair, well, ugly all over, I did not want to be immortalized on camera. So she stormed out and did not watch me open my presents. I received a frog green jeans jacket, the watch I WON on Tradera, and “Coming Home” (DVD) from the family. From Johannes I received ” A Family at War” First Season (DVD) and a Doris Day collection on CD! I thought it was so cute of him! He KNOWS what his mother loves. But he didn’t know that I have had the DVD in my wish list on amazon for YEARS! So he felt extra pleased with his purchases. It will be exciting to finally get to see it!

We watched “Rango” as a family. “Sparky” and “Boo” and “Kitty” were so upset that we watched it in English, so I guess they will have to get to watch it in Swedish tomorrow! The latter two warmed up to it and laughed as much as the rest! Daniel just LOVED the film. It was cute but I have snake phobia so when “Jake the snake” was in picture, I had to sit and put the remote in front of my eyes so I couldn’t see him. And all the woodlice made my skin crawl. Disgusting! Story was fun though.

Needless to say, my mum did not phone. I thought that perhaps she would, since I gave her a photo calendar with all the family’s Birthday’s printed in it and everything. (Both my family’s days and my sister’s family’s!) But I guess Birthdays means nothing to her nowadays! She didn’t phone last year either. It’s just so disappointing that I mean so little. She who says that she has everything under control and remembers everything. Rather obvious that she can’t even remember with a calendar in her face! Oh well, in a way I am relieved that I did not have to talk to her today. She would just have dragged up the court case again and I would have had to explain it 15 times to her, before she would move on to my sister’s boxes and mine. I could not handle that again this week!


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